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NVR HRD Q ‘Blue Moon’: Every Now And Again – Out Now!

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Chris Reynolds


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The dynamic and wave-breaking NVR HRD Q have just released their brand new single ‘Blue Moon’. Filled with flowing bars, rhythmic beats and serenading guitar, the track contains an important message – Out Now!

‘Blue Moon’

NVR HRD Q’s lyricism and hip-hop infused vocals flow effortlessly across the track bouncing off the impactful bass beats and gliding along with the classic guitar riffs.

Inspiration for the track was ignited after a long shift at a bar. Going home filled with energy, Q thought the guitar sample and got to work. Instantly hooked and reflecting on his past, the writing process brought him back to his younger self. Making comparisons between the two.

Not one for ‘commitment’ and finding it difficult to connect with people, Q could never trust someone fully, always holding back his demons and letting them eventually take control, coping with his problems by bottling them up & going out and partying. However, once in a ‘Blue Moon‘, Q would find that one person, ignoring backgrounds, their lives, and would just live in the moment, allowing Q to let it all out.

“Maybe people will listen to this track and relate in some way.. whether it’s feeling like they have been doing the same type of things for coping mechanisms, or just going down memory to a time they were doing something “on the low” – Q.


Keeping it low-key in New England’s, NVR HRD Q aims to carry himself with that same low-key air – but dig deeper & you’ll find he’s much more than just a simple ‘rapper’.

A rapper, singer, producer, engineer and a businessman – there are many assets in his armoury, and there are not many people trying to accomplish what he is trying to achieve.

Creating his own Lakeland studio, it’s clear that NVR HRD Q wants to leave a unique mark in the music industry. Such endeavours can strike fear in some, but can also create beauty.

NVR HRD Q has always been surrounded by what he calls ‘The Sounds’ – which refer to specific frequencies or sounds that evoke inspiration. Whether that be in a recording studio, whilst trying to make beats in high school or free-styling by the lake – there’s always been this nostalgic feeling for him to hear the trees rustling, or the wind blowing late at night. Whenever he’s feeling upset or struggling with creating a new beat – Q goes outside to listen to nature to find inspiration and a sense of calm.

“I’ve always had this vision of bringing a group of people together, through music and making something life-changing for everyone around me. Coming from where I come from, that might seem crazy. I could have taken so many paths, and I don’t think anyone expected me to stay focused. But I love proving people wrong.” – Q

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