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Online Digital Label “Villa Flux” Seeks Fresh Talent

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Mike Molloy has been a musician since he was 13 years old and has gone through a whole spectrum of adventures. These included playing in bands, recording as a studio session guitarist to even composing and remixing electronic music. Having previously worked for Yamaha and Korg in the past, the studio experience quickly set Molloy with the right skills to start Villa Flux”.

Villa Flux (An online digital label) as we know it had the initial concept of getting music into the Ibiza and Miami club scene. With over 700,000 visitors a year arriving on the Ibiza Island alone, this market was not one Molloy wanted to let slide.

Going for a digital label as opposed to a traditional one was and is still seen as innovative move as so many individuals still prefer the latter, however, the costs are less for an online label.

“The obvious one being you don’t have to manufacture CD’s etc and as the vast majority of young people who are looking for EDM tracks will load up their phones or similar devices with mp3’s which they will download anyway.  So it makes good business sense to initially offer digital copies of tracks initially then work with the artist on CD’s etc at a later date.” (Mike Molloy)

When asked what the plans for the first year of the company were and where it seems to be heading in the next 5-10 years, Molloy simply replied,

“I’m working on digital marketing and looking for artists to sign up and trying to get the name out there. Having good tracks to release in the first year will build a reputation for the label as I am releasing only the best that is offered to me. “

Only in the first year of the company, Villa Flux has released about 2% of what has been offered by previously unreleased artists so there is plenty of scope/potential to find better quality tunes. Molloy plans on continuing to get out a lot especially to clubs that will play the label’s music, within a few years have club residency personally with DJ’s playing releases exclusively by Villa Flux – Talk about ambition.

Get involved…

Villa Flux is mainly looking for all aspects of:


Trance &


The label will also consider looking at some Hip Hop artists and Hip Hop tracks. Molloy has over 15 years experience in A&Ring and when asked what the label founder is looking for in adding to his label roster, he simply put it as this,

“I am looking for someone who knows how to get the best out of their electronic equipment.  The type of music I’m looking for is predominantly produced exclusively on electronic instrumentation.  I’ll be looking for tracks that utilise the power of these machines and that the artist has pushed the boundaries of what technology can do to create good quality music. I’m looking for guys who dare to turn the dials to find new sounds.”

Artists currently on the label’s roster include:

Carruthers: “Whatever the Vibe” – A Leicester based hip hop artist

Reveek: An exiting London based artist who has 2 versions of his tune ‘Stars Align’ that was released on Aug 1st,

Plus a guy from South America (Surinam) called Bootleg Mania who is multi-talented, his track ‘Transform’ will be released later this month.

We love coming across people who are passionate about the industry just as much as we are, we finally asked Molloy, what is it that he loves about the music industry? We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

 “I think that is has no boundaries of race or borders.  It is universal.  The industry has gone through many changes of evolution in the last 60-70 years and tries to keep up to date with the changing pace of technology and distribution and I think does a very good job of that.  Very few other industries can say they meet the demands of the consumer as quickly and with so many tracks available as in the music industry, for that, we should be very proud to be involved in it.”

If you’d like to keep up with Villa Flux, their artists or future releases, simply click here to check out the artists’ music. You can get involved in the project the label recently posted here if you think you have what it takes to join this innovative team. Better yet, visit the label’s site here where you’ll be updated whenever there is something exciting happening and you can always follow them on twitter here.

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