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Out this week: Mae Krell – Home

Photograph of the blog post author, Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson


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Intense sustained piano voicings prelude a hushed rhythmic accompaniment to a soul-filled vocal delivery. At first giving the impression of a ballad, Home quickly picks up into a contemporary dance-pop track with more traditional and organic instrumentation, paired with heavier, emotionally charged lyricism.


‘…I walk the streets with no body beside me and I know I’m not alone…’ rings out over haunting strings, filling the mix with a sense of hopeful melancholy. Melodically speaking, the voice meanders through and around the chord tones. Carefully choosing where to resolve, there’s an air of tension pulling each word along.

Simple rhythmic changes in the piano section keep its performance interesting through variance without ever taking up too much space in the mix. This is accomplished by maintaining sustained, atmospheric chords with intermittent vamping in the more elaborate areas of the track. At other times, the piano completely drops out and allows the more percussive and rhythmic sounds take over, making for a strong dynamic effect felt immediately and greatly improving the sense of organic performance in the track.

The key to this songs success in articulating its soulful presence is found largely in the drum and bass sections, specifically in their relationship to the voice. For the most part, these two sections don’t offer much out of the ordinary. Steady hits and roots keep the instrumentation sounding together and in the pocket, and nails the overall feeling of withdrawn driving forces in the verse, and heartfelt embellishments and progression in the choruses. Slowly they evolve into more explorative performance.

From the second verse we hear cadential melodic work come forth from the bass, with just enough portamento to summon intrigue within consonance. The percussion section maintains its delicate and catered touch with more variance, ghosting small fills up and out of each section and keeping the gentle bed of noise going under the overlapping melodic work of the other instruments.

Home is and emotionally weighted and moving performance, with heart felt consistently in its lyrics and instrumentation. This is an excellent example of how organic performance and production can carry the air of a work out into the world.

  • Overall rating: 9/10
  • Pairs well with: All Too Well – Dan Campbell
  • Releases: May 29th 2020

About Mae Krell

New York based artist Mae Krell was known for Soundcloud covers and performing in the New York streets. However, this musician and photographer now has one E.P out, and another to look forward to soon.

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