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“Pridez Music” Aims for New Heights with New Release

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Shane Ford aka ‘Pridez Music’ began rapping when he was just 14 years old. After hearing “Snoop Doggs” “Doggy Style” Album he simply fell in love with the art. As the years went by, Pridez quickly found himself freestyling with friends and learning the craft of rap. This was done by listening to different albums he had collected over the years. By the time he was 24, the artist started up a ‘Rap Battle League’ giving himself completely to this creation. However as time passed, Pridez released he was giving way more into the league compared to what he was getting out. Although a difficult time, he still believed things happen for a reason.

Leaving the Rap Battle world behind, Pridez took the opportunity to work on his music fully putting all his energy and effort into his songwriting. As a result and since then, the rapper has been able to travel around the UK with a group called “Urban Lick”, performing a set and basically owning it in front of crowds. The now 28 years old has a beautiful daughter who’s now 6 years old. His dreams have sky rocketed even higher as he still strongly desires to perform music in front of thousands of people and to give his daughter the life he has always wanted.

To start it all off we asked the Rapper a serious question, to name a funny fact people may not know about him, he simply replied.

“HAHA, My middle name is Dennis.. But I always leave it out, Even tho it’s named after my grandad I still feel a bit timed having a middle name like Dennis.”

When asked how long he’d been making music Pridez replied,

 “Overall I think it must be about 2 or 3 years now, Properly making music that is.”

With such an inspiring start up in the Rappers career, we were pleased to hear through the grapevine that Pridez has been working on some new music. We asked him about this,

“The Single is out now, It’s on Youtube, iTunes & Amazon etc. Its called “Broken Home” it’s performed by me Pridez and the beat is by Sinema. It’s a beautiful piece of music, a very deep emotional track about families that has suffered from a broken home and it’s just my side of the story.”

We asked Pridez whether they were any highlights whilst creating the single, any difficulties?

“To be honest it was very hard to write because a tear would drop on the page I was writing on, I wasn’t seeing my daughter at the time and I was writing about her. One of the bars in the track is “I can’t see my daughter and it’s killing me, it put me in a negative state and its stings like killer bee’s”  That line is very emotional to me because the pain I felt when I couldn’t see her was heartbreaking”

The music is out now, with a YouTube music video by Chris Brooker to go alongside this creation. Simply type in “Pridez – Broken Home” to have a look. The future looks bright for the artist, having recently starting up the band and now coming up with different styles and different kinds of music helps him now put his energy  and knowledge into something he’s passionate about.

You can keep up with Pridez Music by following his Twitter here, better yet you can also check out his Facebook and search for his music on YouTube by typing “Pridez Music”

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