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Private Projects – A&R, Sync Briefs, Demo Submissions

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How Private Projects help you manage A&R Projects, Sync Briefs, Demo Submissions & Private Collaborations

Welcome to a brand new project type on Мusic Gateway, which will allow you to manage any type of project with your invited collaborators, which can be both registered members of Мusic Gateway or external people you privately invite to your project. 

Here’s how it works.

Receive and manage music from your trusted contacts

When you reach out to your contacts for music, do they send you files in multiple formats? Do you have to download them and upload them to store somewhere you won’t lose them? It’s a huge inbox clutter situation and wastes a huge amout of time, so we’ve  streamlined it into one quick and easy process:

  1. 1. Create a private project describing your project need
  2. 2. Email and invite your trusted connections to submit files to your project *
  3. 3. Manage your submissions & save files directly 

*This works for ongoing demo submissions for your website, to add to your email signature, inviting clients for file sharing, sync briefs, A&R projects, studio mastering and any scenerio where you manage multiple submissions.

Who is it designed for?

Within Мusic Gateway we have a wealth of industry professionals and creatives across all the creative sectors. This includes: record labels, music publishers, music editors, music supervisors, A&R professionals, advertising creatives, production library companies and filmmakers. They’re all using this solution to help save time and manage submissions in one central location, keeping everything super organised.

What tools do I get?

Each project has a private and secure online Workspace area. Anyone that receives the private project link, will have the ability to submit tracks to your project without registering on the site. You will have total control over those submissions as well as tools to move files into various views such as, shortlisting, hidden and a reviewed status. Filter tools are at your finger tips so you can download files, add your own files and comment along the timeline of any of the audio and video files submitted.

Anyone who is a registered member that submitts files, can communicate with you, once you’ve engage with them. This means no one is bugging you with messages, unless you open up a channel of communication, which again helps you save time.

Here’s some FAQs

Is there a limit to how many files I can receive?

No limit at all, you can receive tons of submissions and our system will cope with it!

Can I limit tracks sent per person?

Yes, you can control how many files are sent to you by one person. That way you only receive (for example) 3 tracks per person and not their whole back catalogue!

Can I review tracks on the go?

We know you’re busy, or perhaps bored on the train, so fret not! You can review tracks easily from anywhere. Be twice as productive and utilise every minute you have.

What can I do with the tracks once reviewed?

Within your account you can add tracks to our playlist tools for presenting the audio to your clients and others in your network the projects are designed for. You can of course, download the tracks, both hi-res audio (if WAV/AIFF files submitted) and mp3 with any assoicated ID3 tag metatdata.

Let’s get you started!

Without further ado, try out our new project feature and get yourself over to the PRIVATE PROJECT creation page. If you aren’t already a registered member you can get started with a free trial here. Good luck and we hope you enjoy this great new feature.


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