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Quinn Kade ‘Superhuman’: For Those Who Feel Powerless – Out October 30th

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Those dismissing the current slurry of dance-pop on the charts as all meaningless and throwaway need only look to Quinn Kade to see otherwise. A newly formed project between Didier the Producer and Ayah Marar.

‘Superhuman’: A Dance-Pop Anthem

Recorded remotely, Didier and Ayah’s debut release ‘Superhuman‘ is a shining example of how impactful dance-pop tracks can be. Aided by Ayah Marar‘s distinctive vocals, she delivers a powerful inspirational message over Didier’s infectious electronic beats.

Aimed at those who find themselves too weak to carry on or feeling powerless. ‘Superhuman‘ is a song about togetherness and taking the lead in uncertain times. It’s written in the sky; we’re ‘Superhuman‘.

Who Are Quinn Kade?

A brand new project, Quinn Kade emerged as British Ayah Marar and Dutch producer Didier the Producer united together to create Retro-inspired dance beats, stunning vocal performances and undeniably catchy choruses that hook you in from the start.

Ayah Marar

Ayah Marar only became a household name after her appearance on Calvin Harris‘ 2013 single ‘Thinking About You‘. Already a respected artist in her own right, Ayah has released her solo album, as well as collaborating on dozens of singles by other artists, including DJ Fresh, Toddla T, and the aforementioned Calvin Harris. She also contributed (uncredited) vocals to three of Calvin’s tracks on his 2007 debut album, ‘I Created Disco‘.

After the debut release of her solo single, ‘Mind Controller‘ in 2012, several more singles followed. Including the frantic drum’n’bass rush of ‘The Raver‘ and the slinky ‘Lethal Dose‘, and in October of that year she released her debut album, ‘The Real‘, which encompassed numerous electronic music styles loosely falling under the umbrella of bass music.

Didier the Producer

As a music production teacher at the Music Production Academy Rotterdam and composer for various projects such as comedy shows, advertisements and brand movies, Didier is developing himself as a jack of all trades. There’s one common theme though, in everything he does: the music is electronically made, pushing the listener into an unavoidable head-nodding experience. Next to his commissioned work, he loves to lock himself up in the studio with rappers and singers, moulding those hours into songs that stick.

Find and Follow Quinn Kade

Ayah Marar

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Didier the Producer

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