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Raminder Mann ‘Breathe’: When You’re Ready – Out Now!

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Filled with airy vocals and an effortlessly dancy rhythm, ‘Breathe‘ takes on both the R&B, contemporary dance-pop genres, as Raminder Mann‘s latest attempt to break down barriers in the music industry.

‘Breathe’: Relaxed & Chilled

After being sent the beat, Raminder instantly found it undeniably catchy with a romantic undertone, so started creating a track about two lovers who want to get back in touch & try things again. The track highlights how timing is a crucial factor in this decision.

“I want listeners to feel relaxed & chilled out when they hear this one,” says Raminder. “I hope it takes them back to a time that they weren’t ready for a relationship, and now they feel they are.”

With an airy vocal reminiscent of Charlie Puth & Justin Bieber and an effortlessly dancy rhythm, ‘Breathe’ takes on both R&B, contemporary dance-pop and Bhangra elements by matching synths with a catchy sitar hook.

Who Is Raminder Mann?

Raminder Mann is a singer-songwriter from West London. As he grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Jon B & The Weeknd, music very quickly became central to his existence.

He was previously focused on education, graduating from Birmingham City University before he started posting covers on Instagram. Inundated with questions as to why he wasn’t pursuing music, he contacted a friend who was also a songwriter and a producer he knew through mutual friends.

Over time he developed his unique blend of catchy Pop & RnB with Bhangra influences, preferring not to classify his music under a single genre.

There’s not many British Asians doing the music I’m doing,” says Raminder. “I want to break down barriers and be one of the minorities to break through within what is a very tough industry.

In 2018, he released his debut single ‘I Just Want You’, which received play on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Asian Network.

Although he has only been in the music game for about two years, Raminder has hit the ground running.

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