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Raymi The Artist ‘Velveeta’: Rapid-fire flow and endlessly quotable one-liners – Out Now!

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Musically ‘Velveeta‘ doesn’t need much to get over – it’s basically an infectious bassline and beat. But it’s Raymi’s vocal exuberance that is the real show, tearing into each perfectly rendered lyric and chewing up the words like meat. – Out Now!

‘Velveeta’: Raymi The Artists has something to say

With a rapid-fire flow and endlessly quotable one-liners, this hip hop star has created a female positive anthem, with Raymi’s personality bursting through every word.

Who Is Raymi The Artist?

Raised on the South Side of Chicago, to call Raymi The Artist a renaissance woman isn’t an accurate depiction, hustling is in her blood. 

Picking up on the business acumen that she learned from her mother, the owner of a landmark beauty shop on Chicago’s South Side, Raymi has taken that mentality of “being a boss” beyond hair and nails. It’s more than singing and rapping at the salon. Her expressions range from painting on a canvas to creating colour with dance, and her latest exploration shows precisely what she can do with a pen, a pad, a track and her voice. Being the true “golden child” she is, Raymi started becoming “The Artist” at an early age to showcase her talents and how she expresses it. 

It exists beyond how beautiful you can look. “How beautiful can I make you feel?“. These words are just a short form of how Raymi The Artist reaches her audience and encourages them to take control of their talents. “Love who you are. Create who you are. But most importantly, OWN WHO YOU ARE!“. 

Raymi The Artist sets herself aside with confidence. The ability to inspire is innate. The need to be expressive is in her bloodline. Listen to her words carefully and find yourself moving to the beat.  

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