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Reconcile – Zeno Camera and The Groovy Motherfunkers

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Jonathan Robinson


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Reconcile is described as ‘abstract pop’ and that seems perfectly accurate. A contemporary poop track that hits all the expectations one should. However, the instrumentation is refreshingly askew to the typical. More complex and original sound design offers a deeper musicality to the piece. 


Melodically and structurally, the track feels satisfyingly familiar. The sections are defined more by dynamic versatility than harmonic contrast. It is within these alternate sections that the musicality and its excellent performance are most apparent. 

The heavily effected rhythm guitar is characterised by its dramatically wobbling pitch. Almost emulating classic organ tones, it is a particular present sound across the work. Its delivery is percussive and rhythmic, working in conjunction with the drum section for further effect. The syncopated fractal voicings offer a notably dirtied sound with a distinct grittiness. This is presented in stark contrast to the almost pristine vocal delivery.

A subtle filter is present on the voice that creates a slight drive effect. This serves to highlight certain frequencies in its position of the mix. This in turn provides a further balance and tonal complexity to the lead. Appropriately, the vocals are otherwise kept unaffected, making them more accessible to the radio pop sound.

Reconcile expertly combines common elements of both contemporary pop and alternate pop music. The sound design of the alternative pop world is present and well-combined with more musical delivery of the instrumentation. Synth-sounding fuzzes add warm embellishments to reinforce the melodic work, again alluding to a more organic composition style. The charts accessibility is present almost entirely in the vocal style and production delivery. The track is immediately accessible and likeable and as such can be successfully blended with similar works on both sides of the indie/pop spectrum.

  • Overall rating: 8/10
  • Pairs well with: Moon Undah WaterPuma Blue

The Groovy Motherfunkers

The Groovy Motherfunkers are a label and writing/producing group based out of Chicago. The group writes, produces, and records for clients throughout the U.S. and Brazil. The group was founded by Pedro Canaan, an audio-engineering wunderkind from Brazil, and Tony Klacz, an accomplished songwriter from Chicago. The label boasts an array of truly unique artists, genres, and styles, providing a diverse and multi-cultural selection.”

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