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Remix Project from The Pop Star, Shirin!

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At Music Gateway we’re all about helping talented artists further their careers, but sometimes we come across artists we particularly like and we just want to shout about them! Shirin Sech is great example. Her sound combines the catchiness of Pop with the passion of Glam Rock, and most importantly… she’s got style! Oh and did I mention she’s also looking for a remix through Music Gateway?  Check her project out here!

We caught up with Shirin to find out  more about her and why she chose our platform to acquire a remix.

1.    Tell us about yourself, how did you get into the music industry?

I was brought up in a very musical family; I am the youngest of 3 girls, growing up each learning different instruments, and we would spend our weekends choreographing performances for our friends and family. I always knew I wanted to sing, and I enjoyed performing and entertaining my family so much. At the age of 13, after having had a couple of years of vocal tuition behind me and showing my commitment to singing, my parents took me to a music store in Guildford to buy a PA system to perform. It was here that I was first ‘spotted’ by a music producer and was invited to record in a studio. From that day on, I spent my weekends and weekday evenings songwriting and recording material and developing as a vocalist and artist. Between myself and my dad, we got a bug for networking, which is really what this business is all about.

2.    You’ve experimented with a range of genres, how has that affected your songwriting and how would you describe your sound now?

Starting out I kind of ‘fell’ into the Pop/ R’n’B genre because this was what I was listening to most. I grew up listening to Soul and Motown, as well as being influenced by my older sisters and their music taste: No Doubt, Alanis Morissette, Natalie Imbruglia. I didn’t really explore writing in different genres until I was about 18, I was starting to work with a variety of producers, from dance and dubstep to soul. I learnt a lot from traveling with my music and spending time in New York and Los Angeles, but for me the defining moment was spending 8 months in Macau, China performing at the Hard Rock Cafe. I was surrounded by Rock and Roll music of the last 50 years and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the energy.

I wanted to fuse the pop element with the excitement and passion of a live rock band. I’d really describe my music now as Glam Power Pop.

3.    We’re happy to see you post a remix project through Music Gateway! What influenced your decision in choosing our platform?

It’s networking for the digital age; it’s all the tools I learnt to utilise in the music industry but from the comfort of your computer. The platform is really easy to use and I’m excited to see what talent comes back to me. I also really like the support in place for the site, I feel valued as a user of the site and I know I can get all the help and assistance I need. I’m also very excited about Music Gateway’s future as a platform for musicians globally, and it’s great to be using a site that I believe will become massive in the not so distant future.

4.    Why do you feel remixes will benefit you?

I never want my music to be closed off to any listener. I understand that you can’t please everybody, which can be challenging as a creative person, but I feel by opening up the music to a multitude of genre’s and countries it breaks down the barriers and unites listeners. And as a songwriter, this is what’s most important because the message in your song can then translate in a way that more people can understand.

5.    How important do you feel expanding your network is? Do you think Music Gateway makes it easier to do so?

100% I think Music Gateway is pioneering a platform that drives an area that is most key in the industry. There are so many social media sites which are useful for different areas of your business as a musical contributor, but there’s a gap for a site that purely focuses on collaborations and increasing your musical network and potential creative team.

Shirin’s brand new EP “Good Girls Always Surrender” has just been released and you can check the lead single “Take A Bullet” here:

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