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Robert Marcus founder of "JogTunes" discusses with us

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Robert Marcus founded and developed “” after he began to experience the motivating power that came with running exactly to the tempo of the music he was listening to. Preferring original vocals and instrumental music over synthesized running music tracks, Marcus determined the BPMs of the music and created playlists specifically designed for the runs. This led to the development of the website, which has been offering lists of BPM-rated Major label and Indie music for over 11 years. The founder’s podcast and personally prepared Apple Music Playlists have been great additions to the JogTunes offerings.

With this new design in place, we were intrigued to ask Marcus what made him want to create such a platform in the first place. He simply replied,

“I realized years ago that there is a motivational and inspirational effect of music with tempos that can be matched by your running cadence. I decided to find music that had the correct tempos. I put them on a website to save other runners the work of finding music that’s fast enough to run to.”

With this, the founder then decided to sequence music in 40-Minute sessions to include warm-up and cool-down segments and put them all in a podcast. Recently Marcus has been preparing Apple Music playlists and YouTube video playlists with major label artists’ tracks that are in the walking/jogging/running pace ranges. Overall Marcus knew and found that this model saves Apple Music members time, as it is often wasted whilst trying to find a fast track to run to. It also allows video fans to enjoy matching the beat whilst on a treadmill – BONUS!

With the music industry constantly progressing and changing, we asked the founder how he felt it fits in the current music market? Marcus stated,

“It’s clearly a niche offering. Many runners don’t like to run to music. Others can’t seem to follow the beat. So the actual “audience” is those people who are comfortable matching the beat and find that it motivates them to run faster, longer, and more often.”

With the YouTube video playlist recently being created and established we were intrigued to see what plans the founder had for the next 5 years of the company that has been around already for over a decade.

“I just started assembling YouTube video playlists and hope to expand that offering. I also plan on making all walking playlists and podcasts and marathon-paced offerings (most tracks in the 175-180 BPM range). Also, an organized JogTuner running groups might be a future endeavor.”

In connection with their Music Gateway project, which you can view here, the company is ideally looking for any music in the 145-180 BPM range. Occasional walking pace tracks (110-125 BPM) are also helpful. Marcus mentioned  for pitches and workers to label all of their submissions by BPM as this would help the company triage the tracks more quickly. With this project, we asked what have been the main advantage with running projects through the platform as opposed to working with existing connections, the founder replied,

“The existence of a portal that allows sampling and downloading tracks and direct messaging is very impressive. Other connections don’t include the messaging feature. With this portal, I have a better chance of getting music in the niche BPM range.”

We feel the site helps builds a creative area that may lack in the music business right now, so we couldn’t help but ask how can someone take advantage of the areas that lack within the music business and create an opportunity for others that work? Marcus kindly let us know,

“Music Gateway has done it. The lack is the absence of easy promotion of publishers/promoters and the artists and easy communication between them. MG fills that lack.”

If you want to keep up to date with all things “JogTunes” check out their exciting website here. You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or in the many podcast directories and apps. You can obtain Marcus’ iOS and Android apps to make it easy to launch the podcast episodes and the Apple Music Playlists.

iOSAndroid and videos can be viewed here. If you’re looking to lend your support to the platform simply click here – Patreon.

Check out their TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages too.  


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