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Roz Firth – Alpine Pages

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Jonathan Robinson


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Effortless rhythms chain together with a contrasting intensity and gentle flow. Recalling alt-jazz voicings and math rock tonality. The piece takes a refreshingly engaging approach to acoustic song writing.

Alpine Pages

As the track opens the filtered motif enters to introduce the work. Already this pulls us in with an immediate curiosity. Instrumentally, there are moments of TTNG-esque chordal flutters. These are of particular note in this song, with such a stark contrast from the assumed accompaniment for the songs’ content.

The track has an enjoyable sense of pace. Determined quickly with the first lift that kick starts the ensemble. The sections fell fast but not rushed. Instead, conveying an energy and a joy in the performance.

The progression that anchors the main motif holds a cadential tension in its resolution. Always feeling half-finished. Done but with opportunity for more. This serves to keep the work engaged in its sonic narrative. The sections connect without hurdle and blend with a dance of arranged changes.

Percussive play articulates the intricacy in the rhythmic play. Dynamic shifts across the kit keep a driving pace to the sections of the work. In addition to balancing and anchoring the somewhat hectic guitar part. 

A contemporary jazz influence is clearly heard in the matched rhythms and dynamic stabs of the ensemble. Providing rapid moments of evolving interplay in the instrumentation, but also homing in on performative reflections between performers and delivery.

Alpine Pages is a unique blend of easy listening-acoustic and an unexpected sense of musicality and skill in the genre. One may be surprised to hear some of the inclusions on this track, but I say this is what sets it apart, and above, from its peers.

  • Overall rating: 9/10
  • Pairs well with: Tawk Tomahawk – Hiatus Kaiyote

Roz Firth

“Singer-songwriter Roz Firth is known for her percussive-fingerstyle guitar playing, smooth vocal lines and creativity using the loop pedal. Roz is a self-taught guitarist, pianist and drummer with folk, pop, rock & blues influences.

With similarities to the likes of Jon Gomm, Andy Mckee, Trace Bundy & Don Ross, she plays every part of her acoustic guitar with intense intricacy and enthusiasm.

As a solo artist, Roz has performed at the London Acoustic Guitar show, supported Fairport Convention and is due to play at the Henley Festival with BBC Introducing in 2021.

Her debut album, ‘Moonflower’, showcases her ability to write such evocative lyrics, complex guitar parts, exciting piano solos and sublime vocal melodies. Her EP, ‘Journey Through’, shows a completely different style with instrumental travel-inspired music from all over the world.”

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