Meet RØZE! With Her Empowering New Single Shh!

Written by Mary Woodcock

18 September 2019

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Meet RØZE! With Her Empowering New Single Shh!

Meet RØZE, an empowering YouTuber and Musician that we’re very happy to be working with! Let us introduce you:


With over 80,000 dedicated subscribers on YouTube, Los Angeles musician RØZE has built an organic presence across social media which continues to grow daily. 


Latest single ‘Shh!’ is a sassy riposte to the negativity that RØZE (real name Catherine Rose) was receiving online. However, feeling beaten down, she decided to turn her anger & upset into a song – rather than let it overshadow the positives in her life. 

RØZE 'Shh!'

RØZE began singing at a young age, spending her formative teenage years developing her love of music and songwriting as a means of self-expression. She fuses together singer-songwriter melodies with impactful indie-pop production that define her musical identity.

‘Shh!’ is produced by Michael Badal, whose previous credits include work with Timbaland, Ciara and Kaskade to name just a few. Michael – together with YouTube star Matthias – founded Chill Records, taking RØZE under their respective wings.

RØZE New Music Shh! YouTuber

RØZE uses her YouTube channel to update her followers with her life through entertaining original content. She also posts her original music, which is consumed by her tens of thousands of eager fans. This translates into her impressive streaming figures to date, which exceed the 500,000 mark with ease.

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