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Ryan KP, Latest Addition To The Music Promotion Roster!

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Ryan KP, Latest Addition To The Music Promotion Roster!

Australian artist Ryan KP uses personal experience to inspire his blissed-out creations. Ryan KP’s upcoming release ‘Scatterbrain’ came to fruition following the near loss of his beloved dog. After moulding & manipulating vocal samples, he began growing the track through experimental synths; ending up with a dark & atmospheric sound.

Ryan KP

Thankfully, Ryan’s dog survived! Something Ryan later tried to reflect within the scale changes of ‘Scatterbrain’. 

Who Is Ryan KP?

Ryan KP’s musical journey began at a young age when he picked up the guitar & progressed to performing in front of large crowds by his early teens. As time passed, Ryan expanded his interest in other art forms such as beat-boxing; a world in which he quickly made a name for himself – performing at various hip-hop joints & nightclubs across the world.

From Musician To Producer

Ryan KP Scatterbrain

After a serious motorcycle accident in 2008, Ryan was put into a coma & when he woke up, found himself unable to play guitar. But his passion for music never let up. Refocusing on music production & relocating to Melbourne, Australia – Ryan was able to collaborate with top industry names & is now a trusted producer for many artists.

It didn’t take long for Ryan KP’s new sounds to hit the top of Beatport’s Chillout Charts alongside features on some of the most listened to lounge mixes and compilations in the world. Recently, Ryan KP has been working as a Music Director and DJ for major international beauty pageants throughout South Korea. This continues to propel him further into other networks & further his already solid reputation.

Ryan KP – Scatterbrain out December 6th 2019, make sure to follow Ryan on Spotify so you can be the first to know when it’s released!

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Ryan KP Scatterbrain

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