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Senz ‘Shake It Off’: Your Response, Determines Your Evolution – Out Now!

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In an age of music, when so many artists can sound alike, Senz is here to break the mould -offering a refreshing style that is both uplifting and inspiring with his latest release ‘Shake It Off’ – Out Now!

‘Shake It Off’: Move Past Adversity

Featuring smooth yet bouncy melodies on a tropical beat, ‘Shake It Off’ was written, produced and recorded all within Senz’s home studio, entirely by himself.

Another hit from this seasoned producer, ‘Shake It Off’ offers a new perspective on a world that has become weary from so much adversity. Encouraging its listeners to try and persevere through it all – both individually and collectively.

“It’s a song about moving past adversity and going after what you want in life” – Senz.

Who Is Senz?

After cultivating his sound as a producer in his spare time while playing basketball professionally overseas, Senz began writing lyrics and creating music with a fresh and catchy feel. His content offers an honest perspective into his life with witty wordplay that is forthright and unapologetic. As a Ghanaian raised in the United Kingdom before settling in New York City, his international background is reflected through his rhythmic and melodic sound.

An avid Hip Hop listener growing up, Senz was able to witness the progression of Hip Hop productions over time, taking bits and pieces from classic producers across genres and adding it to his style. This has led him to create a sound, unlike anything else out there.

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