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Stay Lunar – Dreaming That I’m Not in Love

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Jonathan Robinson


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Upbeat and energetic with a classically melancholic undertone, Dreaming That I’m Not in Love is as catchy as it is sincere.

Dreaming That I’m Not in Love

Packed with chipping rhythms and pulsating synth leads, from the very start this track announces its heart and authenticity. Leaning on an air of nostalgic electronic romance, the combination of composition and production perfectly paints a picture of dances under neon, and longing looks across the night.

Characterised by a familiar balance of compression and delayed reverberation, the percussion section clings to a steady dance beat that perfectly carries the rhythmic responsibility of the work whilst providing a space to execute the synth and vocal leads to their best. Joy Division sounding threshold control gives the snare an excellent balance of dry noise and servient monotony. Occasionally reinforced by lightly swinging tambourine performance to enhance the chorus sections, the percussive elements of the track are well balanced across rhythmic melodic content and the simple driving drum section.

The Cure-reminiscent lead guitar tones add to the emotional weight of the lyrical content and pull the instrumental performance back to a place of gloomy dance composition. Enhanced by some subtle pitch modulation, the guitar tones are crafted particularly well to layer over synths without detracting too far from the sonic palette but maintain another dimension of variation. In particular, a small pentatonic phrase utilising pitch shift gives the guitar a biting high pitched tone, pulling together memories of The Wombats more electronic outputs in 2015.

Throughout, the vocal delivery is slightly withdrawn and despondent. Maintaining a resolving melody around the same cadential phrases, the lead vocal section becomes more familiar than challenging, but always with an appropriately comforting repetition that serves to enhance the narrative context of the work.

Stay Lunar bring us a polished and gleaming output from a space of desolate romance. Sonically and compositionally it is made of tried and tested combination of instrumentation and phrase, but excellently delivered with its own identifying characteristic and recognisable sincerity.

  • Overall rating: 8.5/10
  • Pairs well with: I Feel Emotion – Operators

About Stay Lunar

Stay Lunar describes themselves simply as ‘…5-piece indie/dream-pop goodness from Bristol, UK…’ and that pretty accurately sums it up. Though just over a year old as a group, they’ve managed to develop a recognisable visual and sonic aesthetic and are set to continue their great work.

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Dreaming That I’m Not in Love

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