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Tatiana Diomi – Flowers

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Jonathan Robinson


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A blend of modern psychedelia and lo fi, Flowers has a hazy surrealist appeal. Breaking-up rhythmic sequences pull the track jarringly between sections of looped instrumentation. 


The heavily effected and blurry vocalisations created an immersive yet disorienting atmosphere. As melodic phrasings fade into each other, embellishments ring out from the mix and brief glimpses of coloured qualities are heard. 

Present from start to finish, the vocals lead the track and cue the instrumental variations that create the dynamic arcs of the work. The delivery takes on slightly straighter rhythm than the heavily swinging drums. This very slightly jarring contrast is only noticeable when the two directly overlap but creates a second of intriguing complexity. These moments clearly display the organic performative methods of the lead vox.

Second to the vocals, the drums are foundational in the track. The heavily saturated and degenerative samples are a shining example of those found in lo fi genres. Following a wave of lo fi hip hop creations, such productive techniques are common and now familiar. However, a frequent issue present in such works is a distinct lac k of musicality., This issue is nowhere to be found here. The drums are offered awareness and variety without compromising the minimalist aesthetic. 

Careful use of filtering and gritty delays keeps the percussion evolving and responding to the dynamic position of the song. Presenting a slightly dryer, more traditionally acoustic sound in the hooks, then falling back into a rainy crunch as the track dips again. The percussion section is perfectly executed and shows a compositional awareness of the tropes in the genre.

Addressing the overall mix, the startlingly clean guitar sound is utilised to maximum effect. Whether this involves texturally reinforcing the main melody, or by adding a jazzy, colourful undertone to the progression. 

Working closely with the rhythm section, the watery chords anchor each bar in place and in turn capitalise the leniency to swung rhythms., This is so well executed that it functions with or without the percussive accompaniment and appropriately serves the song’s aesthetic.

Flowers is an appropriately evolved form of a contemporary sub-genre, and actively identifies a positive direction for the aesthetic to move.

  • Overall rating: 9/10
  • Pairs well with: Currents Tame Impala

Tatiana Diomi

“At 12 years old, Tatiana Diomi started creating her own beats on GarageBand. She released them on YouTube and SoundCloud. Even though she released them for fun she wanted to take a step further. Now, she has upgraded her moves. Releasing her songs on more platforms, better beats from producers, and more! Her music is here to send out good vibes!”

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