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The 51st Week: Music during Christmas and the Holiday Season

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Mary Woodcock


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Last week, I attended Jericho’s (my youngest daughter) Christmas concert where all 3 primary classes proudly performed for an over flowing gymnasium of encouraging parents.  The very last piece that was presented had me thinking about this article but, not in the way that one might contemplate.  Powerful lyrics can move us to tears even when Sign Language is utilized in lieu of vocals.  The shear magnitude of what this class had done, by signing the words to Silent Night while it was playing in the background left me with a feeling a pure joy and incredibly moist eyes.

I remember when I was 9 years old, during choir practise Sister Nimpha wanted all of the primary singers to present their vocals to the church in their native tongue during the Christmas Eve Mass.  I had to sing Silent Night in Arabic; not exactly the easiest task but I managed.  Regardless of the language, or as stated above silence; the power of the versification for Silent Night has always been tried, tested and true as a song that will forever be played regardless of the generations that have come before and after us.  These melodies will forever be ingrained in our; traditions, sprits and jovial voices.

The Spirit of Christmas

During the Holidays, I find that we all get cozy with our slew of favourite Christmas Carols; there is indeed a tremendous benefit not only to the artist but also the future memories that will be built around that specific song each year.  Which is why in my opinion, I feel that more Singer/Songwriters should be moved and inspired to write more Christmas music to add to an already growing repertoire of a wonderful collection.

Every year, in the middle of November or so, Christmas Carols are brought into the sparkly twinkle lights after a year of deep hibernation into a world of gleeful wishes and dreams.  Although we only hear these songs once a year they most genuinely afford us not only memories from the days of old but the hope of cultivating new ones.  I can’t help but express that Indie Singers/Songwriters should produce their own Christmas Carol collections to bring to the masses.  There was a point in my life that I remember all of the popular stars releasing either a X-Mass single or album each year.  Unfortunately that seems to have dwindled lately, something I find to be quite tragic.

A Soundtrack for the Holiday Season


The oldest documented Carol is “Adeste Fideles,” Latin for “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful” which was first published in 1751 and translated into English by a Catholic priest named Frederick Oakeley in 1841. What is it about this melody that keeps individuals relishing both the Latin & English versions? Is it the calming harmonies, the profound lyrics calling upon all of us to come together or the simplicity of the message behind the tunes?   The pieces only have a short time to make an impact upon us.   When Father Time declares New Years Day at the stroke of midnight on January 1, all of the carols head back to the Christmas archives for another year.  It is not like a summer hit that you hear consecutively for 3 – 5 months after the fact.  These songs only have a short period of time to be listened to which is why I feel the songs are emotional enrichment for our souls.

During our current season, we are filled with stress, frustration and anxiety but listening to a well crafted piece from way back will always put a smile on our face.  My special wish this year for all the indie artists reading this piece is that you dig out all of your favourite Christmas Carols, start listening and feel the emotive action within your soul to pick up whatever; parchment, quill or instrument you have and create your own piece of music with the potential to a timeless edition to a collection that so desperately requires some attention to grow.

I would like to leave all of you with a few of my favourite Christmas Carols, please feel free to post yours in the comments below.

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