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The Importance of PR and The Effectiveness of Agencies

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Mary Woodcock


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If there were a list of benefits of PR for an artist in the music industry, chances are it would be close to never-ending. The opportunity to have a campaign spread on to print and online and then TV and radio means that within a small matter of time you can become nationally or even internationally noticed.

Not only is this exposure one of the many benefits of PR, but a PR agency can also help to develop an artist and give advice before releasing a campaign, ensuring readiness and longevity in the music industry.

This can include such things as brand and image development (including styling and photo-shoots), of which the guys over at Impressive PR have a lot of experience with, long established as one of the UK’s premier music PR agencies with over 26 years working with a plethora of acts. They also work with comedians, actors, and celebrities and on events, tours, festivals, theatre productions, and awards ceremonies.

The relationships that Impressive PR currently hold can give a slight insight into a number of further benefits of PR for an artist. They deal with journalists at all levels including all online and offline publications. From Sunday Times Culture to the Quietus, NME to Popjustice: these well established relationships vary all across press, online, TV and Radio.

These well-established and successful relationships Impressive hold have helped all acts under their past and present roster, including breakthrough indie acts and established music giants.

These include: Muse, Boys Noize, Fake Blood, Snow Patrol, Cooper Temple Clause, Coldplay, Roy Harper, The Sounds, Kim Wilde, The Human League, A Place To Bury Strangers, Saint Etienne and many more.

Now I understand many people may be on a tight budget and would prefer the free DIY approach.  DIY in some cases can prove successful, the benefits of getting a PR agency means that their professional name is behind it, and will have a higher chance of success then going it alone. With their already in-place relationships, contacts are more likely to open and engage with content and material sent by a trustworthy, well-established PR agency.

Just think how many emails that these different media’s and companies receive… the ones that involve names they recognise and have previously worked with have more chance of being opened and responded to. It also shows that there is some professionalism and something special about your act by having a degree industry backing.

Saving some money and investing into yourself as an artist can prove successful in terms of hiring a PR agency, the return on investment has a chance of proving very high, not only in cases financially but also what you get out of it as an artist in terms of attention, exposure and a career.

As much as parting with money to begin with may seem mentally difficult, it’s worth the investment for the return. Just be patient, and let the PR officers do what they’re best at.  PR is speculate to accumulate.

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