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The Jungle ‘Blak Magik’: An R&B Infused Gem – Out Now

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‘Blak Magik’ is the latest release from The Jungle – Out Now!

An R&B infused gem, this track is the second of his latest 6 track EP ‘INFERNO’. Combining a mixture of heavy bass beats with a harmonic and warm vocal that perfectly captures their talent as an artist.

‘Blak Magik’ – Groovy and Dance-able

Almost as if faith had brought them together, The Jungle – also known as Troy – met fellow producer Trakmatic during a recording session for The Jungle’s EP ‘WATT+KARL’. During the session, Trakmatik showed Troy a track that he had been working on. As if he could read his mind, Trakmatic’s track showed a song that could be moulded into something funky, soulful, dark and something people could groove to. All of these elements were exactly what Troy was looking for.

Both being from Sacramento, Troy was able to work with Trakmatic fairly easily. Always wanting to connect with people from his hometown Troy loved the idea of working with the producer. Soon after they would both head to the studio and lay the groundworks for what would become ‘Blak Magik’. A smooth R&B infused gem. The groovy, dance-able style of the track is beautifully combined with a soulful vocal melody that embodies Troy’s message of wanting to be an artist not just for 2020 but 2020 and beyond.

The song’s key message focuses on what it’s like to be in love and giving in to your initial attraction to that person.

The Jungle – Who is he?

The Jungle – whose real name is Troy Jagan – is a native of Sacramento. Teaching himself to play the piano at a young age, Troy went on to develop his skills and talents as a musician through playing the keyboard and singing in various bands throughout the North West. In his spare time, Troy would find himself producing beats that he would later reflect and polish into what is now known as The Jungle.

Having seen great success with his EP ‘WATT+KARL’ which pays homage to his hometown and his inspirations that influenced him as a child. Following this EP he would continue to develop and build his skills as an artist until he would finally return to the studio and release his latest EP ‘INFERNO’ on April 17th. With the key focus of the record revolving around the difference between love and obsession.

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