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The Multi-talented Vinzenz Stergin is set to release New EP

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The multi-talented musician and producer Vinzenz Stergin say music is his passion and the process of making it, has its own reward. Vinzenz and versatile drummer Adam Betts (known for his work with electronic maverick Squarepusher & Three Trapped Tigers) are Naim Records’ latest signing, Stergin – a band who combine blues, rock, electronics and modern composition in a way that defies musical boundaries and gleefully breaks rules.

Their songs are unique. ‘Every Now and Then’ laces together classical curlicues, synth bass, unusual melodies and Afrobeat flourishes in a thrilling, original way, while ‘Enjoy the Flood’ surges with vivid electric colour and treated drums that lurch from subtlety to rhythmic intensity.  We were intrigued to find out what inspires the Stergin’s when creating new music and what keeps the passion/ inspiration alive during this process? He simply said,

“My inspiration comes from different sources. It can be a sound, an instrument, an effect, a conversation, an overheard argument in the tube, a scene in a film, a conversation with a stranger, a conversation with friends or family, the squeaking noise of a chair, watching the moon rise on the top of a mountain. Everyone works different and I can only talk for me.”


“One tip from that perspective is that I try to stay aware of the world and it’s people and creatures. For me, it’s important to experience things to feed my brain with ideas so that when I go into my writing bubble I have ideas to draw from. I guess experimenting, screwing things up and starting again, being curious and staying aware keeps my passion alive. When I’m out of my comfort zone I feel anything is possible.”

With the experience, the musician and producer have had in building a broad portfolio in various productions ranging from movie scores to electronic beats. We couldn’t help but ask Stergin a few key questions that’ll help our members in the pursuit of #careergoals.

First, we asked what tips he had for people in order to successfully pitch their music to a music supervisor and effectively get a brief done? Stergin let us know…

“The most important thing for me is first to read the pitch properly and only submit only one track that’s relevant. I know it seems obvious but sometimes people seem to oversee this. If you are trying to get a job you have to make it as easy as possible to showcase what you could add to a project and make it a successful one. I also appreciate nicely structured and to the point messages with a nice tone and just the information you need. When you meet people in the real world just be nice and don’t oversell yourself. It’s good to be present but not being too pushy. I like having a laugh with people.” 

We then asked how have you been able to actively grow in your skills as a musician and songwriter?
“I started making music when I was little and kept creating since then. The key for me to develop artistically is the act of creating without too much overthinking. I know that that’s sometimes easier said than done but I try to write as often as possible and if it’s not working out I do something else. I used to have very clear goals but I stopped that. I have some rough goals now and try to enjoy the ride all along. If a deal or a job is happening then great but if not something else will come along. I don’t take myself too seriously. I love what I do and trust in my passion. There’s also other things to explore in life than just music.”

Stergin’s new EP comes out on August 26th titled “Caramel Tony in her Pleasure Dome” which will be released on NAIM Records. Recording the EP alongside talented drummer and friend Adam Betts (Three Trapped Tigers, Squarepusher), the composition has also been co-produced by another friend and great musician John Calvert (NAO, Ghostpoet).

We asked Stergin to tell us more about the EP and the inspiration behind it…

There will be 3 new songs and a remix which maybe will be a remix commissioned to a Music Gateway member (If you want to get involved, you can check out the project here). One song – Enjoy The Flood – is a reaction to the refugee crisis happening right now in Europe. Another song – Bloodmoon – is about a special lunar eclipse that happened some months back and the third song – Every Now And Then – is about trying to find a place to hide when modern life is sucking us out.

We asked Stergin, what were the main advantages of using our platform as opposed to working existing connections, he stated:

“Music Gateway is interesting for me to connect with new people. It’s like pressing some buttons on a synth and then waiting to see what happens. What will the universe send me? Whoever thinks that he or she can add something to my idea, can pitch. I then end up with a couple of people who are interested in working with my stuff. I can check what they have done and I also like that it’s a worldwide platform with people from very different backgrounds. It’s also fast.”

Stergin is doing another season of his anticipated Monday evening “Bathroom Sessions” in autumn on his Youtube channel (which you can take a look at here) This Youtube series has the producer and musician come up with a concept and post a song every other Monday. For example, he recently covered the #12 of the US Billboard Charts for 12 weeks, turned Newspaper Articles into music and did a cover of a song that was airing 12 minutes into the BBC 6 Steve Lamacq, Monday Show. – Simply it’s all making up fun, inventive songs based on newspaper articles that have appeared the same day. He’s actually on 2 new music videos with his team as we speak.

If you’d like to keep up with Vinzenz Stergin, you can check out his Facebook here and subscribe to his newsletter here. You’re able to follow his Instagram/Twitter too. 

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