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Trevor Ohlsen – ‘I’ve Got A Girlfriend, But I Like You’ – out now!

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Back with his upcoming single, ‘i’ve got a girlfriend, but i like you’, Trevor Ohlsen gives us the ultimate pop banger that we all need on our playlists. It’s full of provocative, sassy energy – think Charlie Puth meets Justin Bieber – and it’s the perfect track to lift your mood.

‘i’ve got a girlfriend, but i like you’

The story behind the track comes from a time when Ohlsen played a festival slot back in 2020. After he finished the show, he found himself at a bar in Cleveland alongside an extremely attractive, open woman who took him on a tour of the city – drinks in hand the whole time, getting high on life. She opened up to him about her polyamorous relationship with her girlfriend – and the song goes on to tell the story of how the night progressed. ‘i’ve got a girlfriend, but i like you’ came about haphazardly throughout the months of May to December 2020.

Written over two days, Ohlsen recalls having an incredible sense of urgency to write the lyrics – “I remember specifically having the feeling that I had to fight to get this one out of me.” Once he’d perfected the lyrics, he recorded and mixed the entire track himself (as he does with all of his work) at his home studio in Michigan.

Who Is Trevor Ohlsen?

Meet Trevor Ohlsen. American singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, producer and podcaster who is about to burst back onto the scene with his upcoming single ‘i’ve got a girlfriend, but i like you’. Even though he is an avid listener of country music – Ohlsen’s greatest musical influence comes from John Mayer. It was Mayer’s ‘Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles’ album that spurred Ohlsen on to make music for a living – along with his love for Ed Sheeran, and most recently the music from Lauv.

A diverse and ever-evolving artist in his own right – Ohlsen started taking his musical career seriously back in 2009 when he began recording music in his bedroom. However, his debut release ‘Doing Something Right’ didn’t come out until a couple of years later in 2011. Leading on from his debut, he went on to release two full-length albums – ‘1995’ in 2013 and ‘Next Chapter’ in 2015.

Ohlsen made the decision to move back home to Michigan in 2016 in order to focus on his writing, and to find a sense of direction for his career prior to releasing his most recent self-titled album in 2919. In June of 2018, one of Ohlsen’s best friends, Jake Tousignant, committed suicide, and Olsen also experienced a tough break up in the same year – and this difficult period led him to write the song ‘All Over Again’ along with the rest of his self titled album.

Aside from music – Ohlsen turned his hand to podcasting. His twice weekly podcast, ‘The Trevor Ohlsen Show’, provides listeners with content from light-hearted comedy to introspective thinking.

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