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UKTI /BPI/MPA Sync Missions, Why Should You Go?

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The UKTI together with the BPI and the Music Publishers Association support many trade missions throughout the year. Most of the trade missions have a wide remit of business and address a number of industry discussion points. The sync mission is specifically designed to get a full insight into the world of sync from the heart and minds of Music Supervisors, Agencies, and sync related companies. It’s a very focused mission with attendance from the very best Supervisors in the business.  

Commenting on the mission

BPI Director of Independent Membership & International, Chris Tams said:

“Knowing how and where to begin promoting your music across such a vast market can be daunting, but landing a sync deal can provide a crucial short cut to reach a potentially global audience as well as proving highly lucrative.  The LA Sync Mission gives delegates a truly valuable insight into the world of TV, film and games, as well as priceless connections with the Music Supervision execs that can place your music.”   

We sat down with our very own CEO Jon Skinner who is a regular attendee of these beneficial missions to explain and highlight, what are the real benefits of attending the UKTI/BPI/MPA sync missions, and why should you go?


#1 What are the main benefits of going to these sync missions?

Absolute learning curve, even if you are already working in sync on the regular basis or pretty fresh to the whole concept of licensing your music into the sync world. It’s just invaluable insights that you just can’t get online. Of course, like any business, it’s all about relationships and the mission is a perfect vehicle to be introduced to the right people in Hollywood to help place your music.

The mission includes various networking event, including a reception at the UK consulates house.

#2 What is something you’re expected to learn if you attend?

There are common threads between the Supervisors and the way they work, it’s about getting into that proceed, the relationships and process they have with their clients, the composers and directors and brands. Once you understand the role fully and the issues they face, you are so much better placed to help them clear your own music. Being a pro-active rights holder and doing the research holds a huge about of weight in securely their trust. 

#3 Any tips on networking effectively?

It’s hard to teach someone the best way to network as ultimately it’s a combination of confidence vs personality…

Networking is simply about getting to know your clients. They’re the obvious ones but you will be surprised how many people forget. It seems dated, but having business cards is still the norm and being normal and likable will get your far. Networking isn’t just about talking about work, it’s about building personal relationships and getting to know them is the order of the day.

Another common trait when at a networking event is simply to gravitate towards people you know, good to hang with existing clients of course, but it’s vital you get talking to people you don’t know, work the room as they say…

#4 What is something to do less of?
If you have a convo with someone, make it as high level as possible, short sweet and to the point, no one wants a life story, you will simply turn them off. Ask questions and listen, if you find out what they do, who they are, you can explain to them what aspects of your business are relevant or in the case of music, what music is relevant.


#5 How can you practically implement what you’ve learned at these music conferences to your role in the music industry?

Research is key as a lot of the Supervisors expect the rights holders to find out that films / TV shows they are working on and send them relevant music tailored to that current requirements. This saves time for everyone concerned and helps the Supervisor. Make sure the music you send is done so in any format they want to receive it. The common requirements are that the files must be streamable to listen online ideally at 320k MP3, they must have the ability to download the files and contain the right metadata. At Music Gateway we provide all our members with a business 2 business playlist pitching tool. It’s designed in a way that is perfect for Sync and presenting music to clients and A&R. You can check this tool out by joining or logging into your account here.

#6 What advice would you give to other people looking to utilise attending the sync missions to aid their career?
Like any business you have to invest to grow, be it knowledge, resource or relationships. The missions give you fantastic access to the very best high-level professionals working in Sync and whilst there is a fee to join the trade missions, this is minimal to the actual cost paid and worth every damn penny!

It’s important now more than ever to get involved in the music industry through conferences and networking. Simply sign up to our community if you’re already involved and start your networking journey early.

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