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Until We See The Sun – Elias Ringquist

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Classic R&B sounds with contemporary productions tyle. A downtempo feel with a driving song structure. Until We See The Sun feels new and familiar at the same time, with a sing-along draw from the off.

Until We See The Sun

The first stand out item when listening to the track is in the subtler elements of the instrumentation and production. Wide, dramatic filtered drums and claps make up the percussive section. This maintains a comfortably regular feature in this style of music. However, the inclusion of short trills and rolls give a more contemporary drum machine feel. Almost startling in its delivery, the careful embedding in the mix builds a bridge and appropriates the sound in the work.

Another example of this modern blend is in the warm electronic instrumentation. During the verses a recognisably synthesised bass section is present. The round and full tone adds a complexity stemming from its contrast to the piano as a focal instrument behind vocals. The mix of electronic and acoustic sounds, particularly when regarding the smooth fluctuations in presence from the bass, presents an unexpected depth in its variation.

This track shines in its emulation and genuine affiliation with its stylistic content. Early on the work establishes its classic R&B aesthetic and leans heavily into it. Gently raising diatonic melodic work makes up the bulk of the lead vocal. Reinforced by choral harmonies as both a dynamic and stylistic tool on different occasions across the track, the vocal delivery is consistently on par with those it draws influence from.

As the track develops, the lead melody takes form as a call and response. The overlapping phrases and vocalisations swirl into an immediate sense of familiarity and encompassing performance.

Until We See The Sun anchors itself within seconds. The moment it is heard it is recognised and holds up against its peers as a soulful R&B outing.

  • Overall rating: 8/10
  • Pairs well with: Brown Sugar  – D’angelo

Elias Ringquist

Elias Ringquist, also known as Shy – a Pop and R&B singer, songwriter and producer from Stockholm, Sweden started out as an actor in well-known films and TV series. During his school days he began playing drums, saxophone and piano, and eventually found his voice in singing. Elias mixes urban, New York-inspired R&B with soft acoustic piano soul. He has performed both on and offstage with various artists, while recently producing music for others. Radio station P3 picked up the song “Wu Girls” from his debut album “4 CLUBS AND HEARTS” when he was chosen as Artist of the Month. Elias has also competed as 1 out of 16 finalists on Swedish American IDOL.

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