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Vasco Barbieri ‘Hey’: Take Courage In Yourself – Out Now

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Hey‘ invites you to take courage in yourself and never give up, to be persistent, be stubborn, and always shoot for the stars.

‘Hey’: Take Courage In Yourself

Right from the start, we are delicately serenaded by a beautiful, elegant piano, and Vasco’s jaw-dropping vocals, as he gently carries us through the verses of ‘Hey’. However the same cannot be said for the rest of the track. Quickly changing the tempo, Vasco stomps his foot on the gas, throwing us into a chorus that is filled with heavy bass riffs, powerful guitars and impactful drums, demonstrating Vasco’s versatility as an artist.

“‘Hey’ marked the turning point of my personal revolution. It was a sign of artistic growth, and it came at a stage where I was losing sight of my goal, but thanks to ‘Hey; the process of acceptance and evolution of my new me began. I wrote this song in a moment of weird frenzy, a kind of anxiety mixed with inspiration. I started improvising in A flat minor, so the first chords and the first words of the song were born spontaneously. The text that came out was both a prayer and a reproach; it reminded me that I was part of something more immense, and I had to do my part.”

Who Is Vasco Barbieri?

Italian born Vasco Barbieri is an Italian singer-songwriter whose music narrates the existential challenges that are faced during the transition from a boy to a man.

Both a composer and philosopher, Vasco Barbieri had an eventful childhood. He was in a coma when he was only seven years old, after waking up, he returned home with severe damage to his sight. However, Vasco managed to find solace in music, quickly becoming a refuge for him as a means for him to understand and express himself. Vasco went onto study at the Music School in Ohio at nine years old, where he first discovered classical music, and later studied at the Actor Studio in Rome, eventually majoring in Philosophy.

His tracks explore the salient moments in life which turn out to be crucial to forming one’s identify – the phases of growth, self-discovery and reflection. Cerebral and contemplative, Vasco Barbieri’s music fuses elements of pop, rock, classical, ambient and downtempo, with moments reminiscent of The Cinematic Orchestra and late Moby.

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