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W7LF ‘What Do You Find’: You Don’t Know Me – Out Now!

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Inspired by W7LF’s perceived lack of approachability – he created a track that takes on a retro, classic style with lo-fi elements. A slow-burner with a reflective tone, W7LF shines through with effortless bars, underpinned by a moody electric piano that sparkles throughout. – Out Now

‘What Do You Find’: Lack of Approachability

Feeling as though people always thought he was too serious, hard to approach, not fun, and would judge their way of having fun. W7LF explains through his lyrics that it’s hard to be approachable when no-one approaches you and specifies his work ethic and schedule as the reason why he seems so serious.

W7LF made the beat himself, with around 3 or 4 iterations before finally settling on the instrumentation. Uncool Sam from Shakedown Records engineered and produced the track, composing the piano, synthesiser and drums.

Who is W7LF?

Mohamed ‘W7LF’ Zidan is a 23-year-old rapper & songwriter. Born in the city of Sirt in Libya, he now resides in Perth, Australia. As an independent, up-and-coming artist, W7LF takes influence from the old-school New Yorker ‘Boom-Bap’ style of Hip-Hop and dextrously blends it with elements of Jazz, Funk & Soul genres to create thought-provoking Neo-Soul & Hip-Hop.

W7LF strives to incorporate music from his own culture (Eastern, Bedawin traditional music) into the progressive sounds of Hip-Hop. With every project, he believes in creating something catchy yet lyrically profound. If it can’t tell a story, the song cannot be released. His debut album ‘Along Came A W_lf’’ is both the perfect soundtrack to a party and an autobiography in which listeners could learn about Mo’s life.

For Mo, writing lyrics is a means of therapeutic release. Whilst he remembers Libya fondly, his experiences in times of war between 2010-2011 are a key reason that he began writing poetry. The loss of close family members was a huge psychological burden, and Hip-Hop became the perfect means for Mohamed to process his grief.

Moving from Libya to Malaysia when he was 16 years old, Mohamed began writing rhymes, taking inspiration from Eminem amongst others. Throughout his teenage years and early 20s, he has continued to write and recorded his first studio song when he was 22.

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