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Warrior – Jaayns

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Moody electronic tones. Dramatic delivery and evocative production. Warrior utilises various tools of a modern musicians’ kit to articulate its unique brand of electronic pop.


Warrior immediately defines its aesthetic when the track begins. With the percussive track making immersive use of the stereo field. Piano embellishments create a harmonic backdrop and melodic reinforcement to the lead vocals in the opening section. A disconnected reverb on the piano creates huge textured sweeps of sound, adding a certain depth to the mix. This further reinforces the apparent sophistication in production and sound design that continues to be present across the track.

A particularly notable example of this sonically aware approach is found in the ending section of the track. Heavy filtering and chopping of vocals sits in contrast to the organic sounding drums and piano. A distorted lead melody that is no familiar flits from left to right over the vocals. 

The dichotomy of effected and twisted sound sources mixed with acoustic instrumentation creates a recognisable sense of character within the work. Arranging tonalities in such a way is a clear display of articulate and expressive attention to detail in the sonic scope of the track.

At its simplest, Warrior is an excellently made pop track with a strong message and presence. At its best it is an openly powerful expression. Its delivery on all accounts of the performance and instrumentation is done to its finest point. Moreover, the intricate sound design and production that wraps each element successfully highlights and brings forward the most serving aspects of each tonic presence. Where it isn’t enhancing a natural sound, it is altering what is there to make unique and interesting sound forms from familiar tones. 

  • Overall rating: 9/10
  • Pairs well with: I, I Bon Iver


Jaayns is an independent singer-songwriter, from Leeds, U.K. who creates moody, alternative electronic pop. She started writing as a teenager and initially started out collaborating with other artists and producers before releasing her debut EP – Bright White Yellow in 2017. 

The EP received recognition on Best of British Unsigned, BBC Introducing West Yorkshire, BBC 6 Music and received 3rd Place in the Best Independent Electro Act category in the 2017 Radio Wigwam Awards. Jaayns released her new EP Push Bar to Open in March 2020. It includes 5 new songs about love and life and explores the dark sides of both.

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