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wav ft BIGBABYGUCCI – ‘drug + girl’ – out now!

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wav is back – and this time he’s teamed up with US rapper
BIGBABYGUCCI to create the new pop-rap single ‘drug + girl’.

‘drug + girl’

Recorded in LA, ‘drug + girl’ is a freestyle performed by wav which is his signature way of working. The collaboration with BIGBABYGUCCI came about organically, when the rapper was invited to wav’s studio by their audio engineer one night. After finishing up the production, wav was ready to record his freestyle – then GUCCI started vibing with the beat and the pair decided to collaborate and make the song what it is today. An introspective, moody track that has an infectious, chilled beat with a smooth flow from both wav and GUCCI.

BIGBABYGUCCI is one of the few artists wav has noticed and respects as a musician. “GUCCI got cool energy. He walked in dripped down in Balenciaga and BAPE with his photographer and some girls. I respected his sound as he is well rounded in his musical taste, enjoying and being inspired by artists such as Nirvana and MF DOOM.” Capturing the moment they were both living in, ‘drug + girl’ is a freestyle that truly describes both wav and GUCCI’s way of life.

Wanting listeners to take away good energy from the track, wav’s vision is for the song to be something to drive, smoke, chill or have fun to. “GUCCI is a real rockstar. We both are authentic artists. His style is so different than mine sonically and process-wise and the way our sound could combine despite such different styles and approaches is the beauty of this song and music.”

Who Is wav?

Introducing wav – an artist and producer based in LA. Describing his recordings and production as “an attempt to reflect the goals, values and mentality of his Asian roots”, from instrument selection to the meditative and “stream of consciousness” style approach to the recording process – wav is truly unique.

All of his songs tend to be a one or two take freestyle, cut together by his audio engineer in the spirit of self-acceptance and present moment awareness, embracing one’s imperfections. wav was born in the Bay Area to a single mother and was raised in his grandparents’ home. The family stayed under the same roof until around age six awaiting the return of his father from his home continent of Africa. His grandfather is a Canton region immigrant and his grandmother is a native of Oakland Chinatown. wav believes this era of his life instilled the resilience he would require to not only go on living, but to become something great for a world of which he was prematurely aware would prove to be less than fair, cruel and unforgiving.

With foundations in Hip-Hop/R&B, he also was influenced by a variety of musical styles – Folk, Alternative and Electronic to name a few. Listeners will note a rawness to wav’s haunting and unique vocals. A born outsider and natural eccentric, wav’s music is a new type of catharsis. Following creative disagreements with prior management, wav relocated to Hollywood, CA with his audio engineer. He has released several self-produced singles and collaborated with artists such as Lil Xelly and BIGBABYGUCCI on his upcoming track ‘drug + girl’.

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