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wav ‘Hollywood’: Emotive – Out January 8th!

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Rather than display his pain with a teardrop, wav lets the music tell all. Without a filter, wav‘s music explores mental battles, his dealings with women, and the ones he’s loved and lost. His latest journey ‘Hollywood’ doesn’t stray from the path, creating emotion through sound rather than through technical wordplay and song structure.

‘Hollywood’: A Warning

Drowning in a deep auto-tune, ‘Hollywood‘ drips brutal honesty, as wav serves a warning about the dark aspects being an artist.

After falling out with someone close, wav felt that the other individual had destroyed the integrity of themselves as an artist – and left him paranoid for his safety. He then channelled all of this built up emotion into this gripping freestyle, which serves as a message to fellow upcoming artists that says “if you have a desire to craft your own sound, stay true to your morals and are self-aware, be careful because this is what it can feel like”.

Who Is wav?

wav is an artist and producer. With a foundation in Hip-Hop and R&B, he grew to derive influence from a variety of musical styles, including Folk, Alternative and Electronic, to name a few. Listeners will note a rawness to wav’s haunting and unique vocals, and as a born outsider and natural eccentric, wav’s music is a uniquely cathartic experience.

wav recently relocated to Hollywood, CA along with his audio engineer, and he continues to take his career into his own hands independently – and has since released 2 EPs, and several self-produced singles. wav has collaborated with the rising artist Lil Xelly, and ATL based producer After Dark and both are featured on his groundbreaking track ‘trauma ties’.

Born in the Bay Area to a single mother, and being raised in his grandparents’ home, wav spent joyous times with his mother whilst she nurtured his capacity for learning, singing and dancing. His grandfather, a Canton-region immigrant and his grandmother, a native of Oakland Chinatown, stressed a traditional mentality of diligence, discipline and honour. His self produced project, ‘antihero’, primarily reflects the influences of his choice to use meditative instrumentation, Bruce-Lee inspired artistic fluidity and attention to detail.

Putting every dollar and every ounce of effort into his music career – wav sacrifices sleep, significant others, physical and mental health and well-being to ensure that he reaches his goals. Along with his team, wav sleeps on the floor of an industry-standard music studio that he built himself – and is set about changing the world we live in, along with no naivety, he knows that you need power and influence to make people listen.

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