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We Spin Moves out of Beta

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One of our partners, We Spin, has announced that they have come out of Beta and have a new free trial offer.

We Spin is a music business education platform and community. It teaches artists of any genre the marketing fundamentals of the music industry. By signing up to the subscription-based website, you access educational courses on how to build a brand with your music project, grow an audience, and earn a living making music. You become a part of a Members-only community where you get to meet fellow artists and discuss the different courses and 



Also, any Member who’s an electronic music producer is “signed” to the We Spin Records label. There is a promo pool for swapping tracks, discounts from several partners, and various opportunities.

Many of the courses are given by experts in the music industry, such as We Spin founder Andrew Apanov, former editor in chief of Andrew has over 10 years of music marketing experience as the Dotted Music marketing agency’s founder, an experienced marketing consultant, podcaster, speaker, DJ, and live events promoter.

We Spin is offering a 2-week trial offer, during which you get access to all the courses for free. Check it out here:


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