Week 2 of MUZU Unveils! – Introducing Still

Written by Mary Woodcock

02 September 2014

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Week two of the MUZU TV project has started! For those of you who are catching up on what’s been going on here’s some background info:

We have teamed up with MUZU TV who were looking for 4 talented artists to feature on their platform, and what better way to find talent than through a project? So after careful consideration the finalists were selected and they will be featured on MUZU TV over the space of 4 weeks – 1 week each.

The first winner was Alternative Rock band “Press to Meco” and you can find out a bit more about them HERE.

The second winner we’ll be introducing this week is garage producer Still- https://www.musicgateway.com/profile/Still/

Still is a fresh new producer whose beats are inspired by the old school UK Garage, which he uses as a means to and end his largely experimental vibes. With a combination of forward thinking electronic and nostalgic analogue warmth to create his signature sound which caught the eye of MUZU TV. The music producer/songwriter studied Songwriting at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) and also studied Sound Design and the Art of Mixing at Point Blank music college London. You can also find his sounds here: www.soundcloud.com/justbestill

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