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YOFF Music New Album Set to Break Creative Boundaries

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Originally from London however now based in the West Midlands, Frank Foy is a writer and producer with a small indie label we all know as “YOFF Music”.

Fun Fact: Foy once worked on some tracks with Martin Murray as a producer. Martin played rhythm guitar in 1960’s band The Honeycombs, produced by Joe Meek.

Foy’s latest album was inspired by the themes of what might happen if artificial intelligence decided to do its own thing, following its creation by humanity. The unique concept came about as Foy realised more and more how the subject of artificial intelligence (A.I.) has become popular and he wanted to approach it from the mind of the machines as if they were telling the listener how they see the human race and their relationship to humanity.

Alongside this is the introduction of the artist “The AutoClaus”,  new virtual artists, with computer-generated voices, not human!  The name comes from the fact/idea that automatic consequences will follow the creation of true artificial intelligence and that it will develop an autonomous mind of its own. Whilst creating the album, Foy enjoyed putting himself in a position where it required him to think out of the box. His work is not too far off galactic imaginative thinking as the album explored what might be made of humanity in the future.

We asked Foy, what can people expect to hear when listening to this album?

“The music styles have a mixture of influences from pop, dance, and electronica, where on some tracks there is a fusion of genres. Going through the 17 tracks is a story line based on possible cause and effect scenarios of the reactions of the machine mind, to itself and to us.”

So far, The single, Pop Party People (Smarty Mix), had airplay on BBC 6 Music in May and the song, Valentine`s Time, from the album, had airplay on BBC 6 Music in February 2016. (Smarty Mix and Machine Mind off the album were both released 8th April 2016) Right now the label owner is currently looking to get more exposure for the single and album tracks on the radio and also look at the possibility that the story line could be adapted for an animated film, TV show or sci-fi movie with the songs forming part of the soundtrack.

We couldn’t allow the interview to end without asking Foy what advice would you give to others in creating material that is unique to them without losing their passion. He simply said,

“By developing your own original style, not trying to copy others and if it sounds good, have faith in the integrity of your music.”

If you’d like to keep up with YOFF Music and the AutoClaus, simply follow the artists, You can also follow updates on the album.

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