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Your People ‘No Sale’: Deeply Personal – Out Now

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Recorded in his bedroom, ‘No Sale’ is inspired by YP coming out from a very dark time in his life when he was battling depression and recovering from previous trauma. After hearing the instrumental, he straight away knew he wanted to “let his soul cry out”, as he wrote the lyrics.

‘No Sale’

As a deeply personal piece of work, Your People now always refers to the track when he’s in a dark place, as a permanent reminder that everything is only a temporary state of mind.

Don’t sell your soul – simple. Not to anything other than your dreams, happiness and well-being. No matter how painful your circumstances are, imagine if that pain was the exact opposite of itself.”

YP hopes the track inspires people to know themselves, study themselves, and know their worth.

“‘No Sale’ is out now on all streaming platforms. ‘No Sale’ can be perceived as depressing, but I mostly see it as uplifting because, like the lyric, ‘the lowest lows turn to highest highs.’ It makes me smile every time I hear that line. “

Who Is Your People?

Your People’s signature, cerebral wordplay marks the very core of his truth-centric bars. Known as YP, his alias previously stood for Young Prodigy, but as he grew and evolved as a person, it evolved into Your People before the premiere of his debut album, ‘TST’, in 2018.

Born into an urban black community in Memphis, TN, the omnipresence of legendary local hip hop group Three 6 Mafia during YP’s childhood resulted in their heavy influence on his early music. However, his life changed at the age of 13 when he moved over 2,000 miles west to reside in the suburbs of Pleasanton, CA. The disparity between these two cities opened YP’s eyes to the vast difference that exists within different cities and cultures. The influences of the two cities have now resulted in an eclectic, conscious, and diverse fusion of Rap & Hip Hop indistinguishable from those who currently sit at the industry’s summit.

Battling himself, oppression, racism, politics while standing up for love, mental health and positivity take commitment. YP continues to fight personal and societal battles, having triumphed over past struggles with identity, fatherlessness, and relationships while growing up ostracised in a white community. However, the silver lining in all of this has always been his profound connection to music, where he frees his mind to express his most profound and most vulnerable thoughts.

His conscious message and actions look sure to bring change, positivity and hope through undeniably great artistry and actions.

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