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Radio Pluggers – Is It Worth It?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  22 December 2015

Getting your music played on the radio may seem near as impossible for an upcoming independent artist. Gone are the days of when you could wait outside radio stations with CD’s to hand out...

This Week: Music Needed for TV Series, BioBeats App needs music for BetaLaunch, and SYNCS!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  17 July 2015

It’s been a busy week at MG Towers, (just a phrase, there’s no tower). Jon is off to LA for the UKTI / BPI / MPA Sync Mission, so we’re grinding both sides of the pond, trying to get you more of...

Danielle Senior/Notting Hill Music secure major song deal in Asia through Music Gateway

Author Mary Woodcock  |  19 June 2015

We’re always really passionate about the successes through Music Gateway and this one we particularly wanted to share.

$100K Revenue Generated for MG Songwriters & Producers

Author Mary Woodcock  |  03 June 2015

Music Gateway is continuing our prolific success streak by completing over $100,000 worth of song placements in the Asian market in conjunction with our partner KDigital who are based in Seoul,...

Musical Geisha hosts top Networking Events for Music Industry Pros

Author Mary Woodcock  |  07 May 2015

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in the music industry, much of it goes unnoticed as people work tirelessly to keep the industry booming and business flowing from the performers on...

The Unforgiving Wordsmith that is Taking the Battle Rap Scene by Storm

Author Mary Woodcock  |  17 April 2015

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Battle Rap, it is a sport played only by the bravest of contestants. I often compare it to boxing; because its about respect, how many times you can get...

Music Gateway Review: Anda – ‘Mastering’

Author Sophie Small  |  03 March 2015

Anda is a 24 year-old Korean pop artist who is signed to our partners KDigital. She first debuted as Andamiro in 2012 under Trophy Entertainment and has also earned herself the title ‘Korean Lady...

It’s A Promo Thing! – Tips for Promotion

Author Mary Woodcock  |  29 January 2015

A musician’s main goal is for their music to be heard and the more people that listen, the better. This is where Plugging and Promotion comes into play. The Plugger is there to fight for your...

12 One Entertainment Seek Top Line Writers & K Pop / J Pop Songs

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 January 2015

At the helm of 12 One Entertainment based out of London, England UK is CEO Paul Kennedy.12 One Entertainment focuses on a myriad of various services for Music Industry Professionals including;...


Author Mary Woodcock  |  20 January 2015

I’ve always relished moments where I could blare my Clash and Ramone’s vinyl; on my record player while my waist length curly black hair bounced all over the room with me. Not once did I think of...

We start the New Year with a Bang! £25k fund created for aspiring talent.

Author Mary Woodcock  |  13 January 2015

After spending a great holiday, we have started 2015 with a bang! We’re happy to announce that we will be providing support to aspiring talent within the site. We have created a 25k fund...

The 51st Week: Music during Christmas and the Holiday Season

Author Mary Woodcock  |  18 December 2014

Last week, I attended Jericho’s (my youngest daughter) Christmas concert where all 3 primary classes proudly performed for an over flowing gymnasium of encouraging parents. The very last piece...

Approaching Music Bloggers – Ear Bending or Requesting?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  01 December 2014

Since I started writing for Music Gateway & Cheeky Promo, I’ve found that more indie singers and bands have been sending me requests to review their music. There is something to be said...

Introducing the Private Network

Author Mary Woodcock  |  27 November 2014

It’s been a busy year for us over at HQ. In a way, it’s all been building up to this – the launch of our Private Network solution. With Island Records Dance & Notting Hill Music...

Don’t Hunt About for Rental Gear, Just Get It! – Spotlight on The Audio Hunt

Author Mary Woodcock  |  27 November 2014

When we hear about a company that we like, simply because they just make life easier, we just can’t help but let you guys know about them. So let us tell you a bit more about ‘The...

Cultural Appropriation in Music: What Is It and Why Is It Bad?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  14 November 2014

In recent years you might have heard the phrase ‘cultural appropriation’. If you don’t know what it is, it is not something new. It has probably been around since just humans started inventing...

The Evolution of Recording: A Generation X’s Perspective

Author Mary Woodcock  |  28 October 2014

It is not rare for individuals of my generation to have collected: cassettes, vinyl and CD’s. It seemed that while one recording vessel had established itself as the norm, within 6 months...

Spotify is Finally in Profit! Is Streaming the Pioneer of the Future?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  09 October 2014

Within the last century we have seen a lot of change in how music is listened to. We’ve gone all the way from phonographs and vinyls to tapes and CD’s, and now we have online streaming. Usually...

How To Be a Successful Uni DJ: Part 1

Author Mary Woodcock  |  24 September 2014

I’ve been DJing for seven years and started off when I was in high school, playing in my bedroom and eventually graduating to birthday parties. Then came the big move to uni, where I...

Worldwide Tour, Magazine Features and Remix Opportunities – This week on Music Gateway 19/09/2014

Author Mary Woodcock  |  19 September 2014

Hey guys and girls! It has been a great week here at Music Gateway HQ. Here is our finest selection of this week’s best projects: