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Meet The Lucky £4000 Promotion Giveaway Winner!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  08 April 2019

Meet The Lucky £4000 Promotion Giveaway Winner! To celebrate the launch of our new artist development and music promotions service, we decided to give away over £4,000 worth of artist development...

JCK Join Our Promotions Roster

Author Oli De St Croix  |  05 April 2019

JCK are a hot new duo comprised of 17-year-old Jack Rose and 18-year-old Jordan Curtis, who met through the uniquely millennial way of following each other on social media! The pair supported each...

Frazer Gets A Spotlight For Promotion Giveaway

Author Music Gateway Team  |  25 March 2019

Putting a Spotlight on Giveaway Entrant, Frazer As part of our £4,000 giveaway, we wanted to give a spotlight to anyone who had entered in the first two weeks of the competition! Therefore we’d...

Catching Up With Music Gateway Member Olivia Brown

Author Oli De St Croix  |  12 March 2019

Catching up with Music Gateway artist Olivia Brown- Earlier last week we had a catch up with one of our members Olivia Brown, to learn a bit more about her background, and what progress she’s made...

Dive In Head First With Ships Have Sailed

Author Mary Woodcock  |  07 March 2019

Dive In Head First With Ships Have Sailed This week our brand spanking new promotions team have been hard at work behind the scenes, and are thrilled to hit the ground running & showcase the...

A Night At The BRIT Awards 2019 For Free!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  28 February 2019

We had two BRIT awards 2019 tickets this year and the wonderful Mark, from our artist development and music promotions department, thought it would be nice to offer one of you to come along with...

Artist Spotlight: Meet Shiraz, Radio Airplay Winner!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  20 February 2019

Artist Spotlight: Meet Shiraz, Radio Airplay Winner! Meet Shiraz Hempstock, winner of a competition we’re doing with our friends at Radio Airplay! Shiraz’s track Simmer Down was featured in Radio...

Artist Management Masters: Head of MTS Management, Michael Stover on The Music Industry

Author Mary Woodcock  |  20 November 2018

Award-winning songwriter, artist and producer Michael Stover has had an incredible journey across the music industry. Having managed a DJ company and a number of record stores in the past, he now...

Slick Division – A Story of Two Brothers

Author Manny Sanjurjo  |  07 November 2018

We have probably said this a million times already, but we’ll say it another million times; collaboration is key. It opens you up to a world of new creative possibilities, as well as helping you...

Music Thought Download: How Important is Music in TV and Film?

Author Music Gateway Team  |  03 September 2018

It’s no secret, certainly in our business, that music makes a lot of visual content as impactful as it is. It’s why the role of music supervisor exists, to find the best soundtrack to the film, tv...

Shortlist Announced for Prestigious AIM Awards

Author Sophie Small  |  16 August 2018

The Independent Music Awards is run by trade organisation Association of Independent Music (AIM) who if you’re into the independent music scene you should definitely look into their membership....

Music in Play: Why these Block Rockin’ Beats Featured in the Latest Big Brand Ads

Author Music Gateway Team  |  27 July 2018

Getting your music placed in TV Shows and Films can be a real game changer when it comes to promoting your music. However, it’s a tough game too. You have to know the decision makers on TV...

Where is all the hip-hop at?!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  05 July 2018

As we know, one thing that’s really important when working in the industry is keeping on top of trends and making sure you’re one step ahead of the people who are buying the music....

Music Thought Download: Perfect Fourth – Top Video Game Syncs

Author Mary Woodcock  |  06 June 2018

When you mention video game music, you might be forgiven for thinking of retro 8-bit or sweeping, filmic orchestral scores which are produced specifically for that project. However, a well...

Music Thought Download: The Vinyl revival, Fine Art Audio and One Stop Records in Richmond, 1967

Author Mary Woodcock  |  29 May 2018

The vinyl revival in recent years has come as a surprise to many, but not to me. To me it became obvious that, as time went by something emotional was being lost from the experience of consuming...

Private Projects – A&R, Sync Briefs, Demo Submissions

Author Jon Skinner  |  18 May 2018

Welcome to a brand new project type on Music Gateway, which will allow you to manage any type of project with your invited collaborators, which can be both registered members of Music Gateway or...

Music Thought Download: Sell your Music with Metadata

Author Mary Woodcock  |  16 May 2018

Metadata, it’s not something that immediately comes to mind when thinking about getting your music published. However, in a post-iTunes world, where digital music is more abundant than music execs...

Music Thought Download: How the Music Modernization Act Will Change the Industry

Author Mary Woodcock  |  08 May 2018

The music industry is experiencing a shift as more people use the digital marketplace to listen to music. As creators and producers continue to push for change, copyright regulation is slow to...

Music Thought Download: What is Musicology?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  16 March 2018

Ever thought about a career in music? Of course you have but there’s more to the music business than the usual suspects. Musicology can be a lucrative career path and all you need is a good...

Artist’s EP: Jorja Smith – Being Successfully Unsigned

Author Mary Woodcock  |  13 March 2018

We were inspired by Jorja Smith’s career path and how this applies to Music Gateway’s members.