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Music Gateway Meets: Lars Deutsch

By Holly St George on 28 Apr 2017


Having released Paloma Rush Drive Fisherking remix today the 3rd in 5 remixes of the song. We spoke to Lars Deutsch a multi-award winning talented musician who has perfected his craft in composition to write a whole host of scores for film and TV. As well as working alongside artist to develop artists and create music.

Starting out Lars was a rock metal guitarist, developing a keen interest in songwriting having no training in the art of composition. He moved to London and receiving a degree and perfecting his craft. From there he began to compose scores for TV & Film. Even receiving an oscar nomination. But having always wanted to work alongside artists he recently teamed up with Paloma Rush, writing, performing and producing. So how did this pairing come about?

“Because of a film back I can work around people's personalities and their voices… as a composer your job is to serve some else it’s good to have 50/50 creative control.”

Which is probably why the duo is doing so well at the moment, having released the single, they had Drive remixed by various remixers. Cleverly staggering the releases of the remix so not only that each remixer has a chance to promote and share about spin on the song but so that they had can expand and tailor their music for a variety of genres. Having found the remixers via Music Gateway Lars offers some tips and advice to members. Check out the interview below:

You're releasing various remixes of Paloma Drive's Rush, what was the reasoning behind creating remixes?

The original is dark and moody and especially for California / the US, not a radio track. We liked it because it was different and the song pretty much came with the idea for the music video. We did not want to compromise the story, so we kept it the way it is. We also saw a lot of opportunities to do a more upbeat/fun/relaxed version of this track. Maybe get it in clubs, so we looked into remixes.

How important is a remix to an artist's single?

It depends on the genre and the quality of the remix.   Honestly, I think a lot of remixes are just mechanical, boring and they do not honour/artist and story.  The right remix for the right artist can be very useful.  It can introduce you to new listeners, open new doors and show a different side of the track.

Would you recommend artists having their singles remixed?

Only by good people that understand who you are, what you stand for and the deliver the best quality. I think it is very important to oversee the remixes or set clear rules. After these rules are agreed upon, I just try whatever I can to support them. I created a package with all the tracks, mastered stems, midi files, etc - to make sure whichever way a remixer would want to go, they would have what they need. I sent one of the remixers a score.

You had four remixes created, tell us a little bit about each one?

Catherine’s Remix is very EDM and full of energy. It is still big city, like our track, but more danceable. Indy’s Remix just makes us smile. The music is almost too cute for the words, but it totally works. The Fisher King Remix is great for licensing and with its openness tells the story really well. Rick’s remix is playful and very light - which added another nice colour to the mix.

By my horrible standards, I gave very few notes and everyone has been kind, respectful and a joy to work with.  

How did the platform help in creating the remixes?

As you can see from my comments before, I am cautious about protecting my artist and the song. People expect quality from me, so I wanted to make sure, I have the tools to shepherd these remixes. Music Gateway lets me carefully select the applicants that fit what we are looking for. Most importantly though - we have a small contract / NDA that remixers needed to sign. The fact that we had a “before signing” and "after signing” section in the project made us feel very safe. This really helped the process.    

The contract also helped, because it scared away some people and it left us with the people that were serious and respectful.

Paloma and I played at a Music Gateway show after I met Laurence in LA. I think especially for something wonderful like music, it is important to be careful and mindful of the people that may not get the business aspect of it. I think the whole MG team is willing to listen and make the users comfortable. Reliable people that do live music - what more can you ask for. I will keep using MG.

What advice would you give to MG members, looking to collaborate on the platform?

Make sure you respect each others time, always deliver quality.  As always online - just because you are alone in your underwear in front of a screen, do not forget that there is a real person at the other end.

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