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Al. Morris’ Latest Collaborative Efforts & New EP!

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In every artist’s path there is a point where they realise that the only way to keep growing is to get new ideas from outer sources. Singer-songwriter Alex Morris, better known by his stage-name, Al. Morris, became aware of this when he joined forces with artist Stef. This collaboration has bolstered his learning and development as an artist. But let’s hear what he has to say about his journey…

MG: Thanks for taking the time to have an interview! Can you tell me a bit about what you do in the industry and how you got to where you are now? When did you start doing stuff with music?

Alex: I am a singer-songwriter and a guitarist, and I’ve recently released my first EP, “Square One”. I am currently planning out my next release whilst also trying to involve myself in the North-Western music scene. I first started making music when I was 16 years old in attempt – like most teenage boys – to impress a girl I liked. Nearly 10 years on and the girl is long gone, the love for making music is still there, just the reasons have changed.

Al. Morris on the mic, ready to collaborate

MG: I hear you pitched to a project on the site and ended up doing a collaboration with them. What inspired you to pitch and how did that process go?

Alex: I pitched to work with Stef to try something new that was out of my comfort zone. I guess I wanted to test my own capabilities and also Stef seemed very professional and productive. I really wanted to get a better understanding of how he makes music to further my own knowledge. The process was all online, we transferred files backwards and forwards. I was given a lot of creative freedom which was great, but along with that I had clear guidelines set to me by Stef about what the song should feel like. I found him to be very honest and clear with what he expected and I feel we can out with a strong finished product.

MG: Are you happy with the collaboration, do you think you might collaborate with him? Do you have a link to the release for anyone who might want to give it a listen?

Alex: I am very happy with how the project came out and I would definitely work with Stef again. Regarding the piece, as it was Stef’s project I haven’t got a lead as it is with him. I’m sure I could find a link he has if you need me to.

MG: What have you got out of the site so far?

Alex: I feel that the main thing I have got out of this site is a clearer perspective of how other musicians and music companies work, and also how to go about becoming more involved with music on a more professional level.

MG: So you’re working on your own EP at the moment? How is that going, are you looking for anyone to work with for that one?

Alex: At the moment I am currently mapping out what I want my next release to be (most likely an EP). But I do believe that once I get a clearer idea of what it will look like I will use this service to find the best people to help take the project to its fullest potential.

Al Morris on stage

MG: You also recently moved to Manchester, hope you’re settled in and enjoying it there! Is there anything you’re looking for in the music community in Manchester?

Alex: Having recently moved to Manchester I have seen how much of an amazing music community there is here, both in how supportive everyone is to each other, but also the calibre of musicians is beyond what I have seen anywhere else that I have lived. I think what I am most looking for in the community is just fellow musicians to jam with and learn from.

MG: You also recently joined Sophie on her trip to Off The Record Festival in Manchester. How was that? Hope you had a good time! What did you learn from the experience?

Alex: Off the Record in Manchester was a great experience in general; it opened my eyes to a lot of the other possibilities that are out there for musicians in terms of furthering to outreach, and also in improving in areas that I maybe wasn’t great in (social media, self promotion, etc).

MG: What are your top tips that you would like to give to anyone who might be reading this interview?

Alex: My top three tips would be 1. Be sure to meet the deadlines you set with other people. 2. Be willing to get out of your depth and make mistakes. 3. Ensure there is always good clear communication with anyone you work with.

Alex Morris, Stef and many other cool artists are currently on the site looking for new talents to collaborate with and create new music. Check out Al’s latest EP on Spotify!

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