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French Artist Adeline Makes a Move in Barcelona

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Dropping the security of your daytime job to pursue your music career can be an incredibly scary experience. What if it doesn’t work out? What if I don’t find a way to pay my rent? This fear can easily multiply by ten if we start talking about moving to a new city to pursue your dream. French artist and singer-songwriter Adeline took the brave step and jumped into the unknown only to find herself in a new and exciting path of artistic growth.

In this interview, she tells us all about her music career, her recent collaborations and her recent experience with Music Gateway…

Artist Adeline Guitar

When did you start treating music as a career?

I actually did so seriously only 4 years ago, when I started getting more gigs in Barcelona and decided to leave my dayjob to concentrate on my music. It only lasted a few months and I ended up looking for a temporary job to pay the rent as the gigs weren’t enough… Then a few months later I landed a part-time job as a sound designer and the same year I got hired to do various studio recordings. This basically meant I really had a career in music. My other part-time jobs were doing gigs, recordings and any other music-related projects.

What inspired you to move to Barcelona?

I had been living in the UK for over 10 years and decided I needed a change. Barcelona had always attracted me with its cultural offerings and of course, the sun! I tried living there for a month in the summer, realised I loved it and moved for good 6 months later.

Have you found that your sound has changed as you’ve immersed yourself in different cities?

I have met so many people from different places whilst living in Barcelona; it’s a very cosmopolitan city! I also love the fact so many people from different countries live here. It’s really made a big difference in the way I work with people: I’ve worked with Italians, Colombians, Maroquis, Brazilians and I have even been able to do more French music. There is a huge French community here in Barcelona and Catalans love French music.

Artist Adeline in Studio

What exactly were you working on with WMP?

A friend of mine sent me an advert looking for a French female singer. So I created a Music Gateway profile just for that, sent my demos and after being shortlisted the guys from WMP got in contact with me. They told me that I needed to sing a demo for an advert for a French product (Maille, a famous French brand of mustard). I needed to sing a 30 second song just like the demo they had sent me, in various different tones /moods (laid-back, husky, normal) and with 2 different phrases as they weren’t sure which they wanted to use. I think I ended up sending about 60 different takes in total!

How was working with the team over at WMP on the demos?

They were really friendly and professional, also quite demanding as they asked me to re-do the singing various times and changing the tone. But I was aware that was because they wanted to cover all bases. I have worked in music advertising before (on the other end, as a production assistant), so I know how precise and careful they have to be. Communication was very good, they explained very well what they wanted and I felt that my work was really appreciated.

Is it something you’ve worked on before?

I had sung for adverts before so I understood why they wanted to have many different takes, but I had never done it remotely nor on my own in my home studio, so that was a challenge. I am used to studio recording but it’s a lot easier when someone else is pressing the buttons and telling you what to do! This time I had to do it all by myself, and I was quite proud. I managed to get it all sorted in the time they needed it by. Just sad they didn’t use my demos in the end!

Adeline playing live
What do you think of Music Gateway and have you had a chance to check out how it works to it’s full potential?

I think it’s a great platform, I just wish I had more time to really set up my songs on there and take advantage of everything it has to offer, especially to check out the opportunities there are, some of them are really interesting! A little while after that project I worked on, I got an email offering free days to have an Influencer account if I sent feedback. I did and received an email to say I had an Influencer account for 14 days. I, unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to use it at all so that was a shame, but I needed time to sit down and really work on the account, which I never did.

Ideally, I would love to set my account up properly with all my music and more information, then see what opportunities I could get. I think that I am probably missing some sync opportunities because of not having done this. I also know I would love to look for more collaborations and see Music Gateway as a cool way to get good contacts for remote collaborations with artists that might be really interesting.

Adeline is currently on the platform and she’s looking for new and exciting artists and producers to work with! Check out her profile here. Are you a talented songwriter, artist or producer who is looking to take their passion to a professional level? Get a free trial with Music Gateway and start building your network and hunting new opportunities!

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