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Claire Rodrigues Lee talks taking the Asian Music Market by storm

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Claire Rodrigues Lee, a talented songwriter who has cornered the K-Pop market, writing hits for K-Pop sensations Girl Generation, Red Velvet and more. Claire’s talent hasn’t gone amiss at Music Gateway and she’s had various songs successfully place through connections made on the platform. We caught up with Claire so our members can find out more about her work and get some top tips!

# You’re smashing it in the Asian music market, what’s the secret to your success? 

The secret to success as a songwriter is to understand the market you are aiming to write for. So it’s important you know what’s happening in the charts (different territories) as that’s the best way to judge what the public are buying into.

# What do you love most about this market?

What I love about this market is that it’s not political. It’s all about the strength of a song. So having built a good name/reputation for myself in SE Asia is great but it doesn’t mean anything if I’m not continuing to write great songs. The label’s want hits and that’s what counts.

# What do you think the most important thing a songwriter should know, particularly with the Asian song market?

Understanding the market, knowing what’s current in each territory.

# You got into writing for this market at a songwriters camp – how important was collaboration during that time? 

Experience is everything and nothing comes overnight for anyone, there are no such things as an overnight success. Sometimes things may seem like they come easy but no one sees’s the hard graft that went in before the domino effect hit.

#For songwriters of any stage of their career, how do you feel a platform like Music Gateway can be most beneficial to progress their career?

Sometimes in this business is not what you know but who you know and Music Gateway can be that ‘who you know’ for a lot of writers that don’t know where to start. It’s a foot in the door for a lot of people and a way to build up your songwriting credit which in turn adds credibility to you as a writer. You have to accept there is always going to be competition so it’s a writer’s job to pitch their strongest work, but also accept that it isn’t always going to be a yes.

Here’s one of the most recent songs Claire had placed through opportunities found on Music Gateway:

# Any advice for aspiring songwriters who wish to make it as a professional? Top tips? 

Its a tough, competitive game & you need to have a really thick skin. People will critique you, sometimes ignore you or tell you what you want to hear then disappear! The most important thing is to believe in yourself & keep throwing mud against that wall until it sticks. When it sticks, you’re on your way!

Are you an aspiring songwriter, take a look at the opportunities we have available here

Remember it all starts with a project, if you’re looking to further expand your songwriting skills, be pro active and create a project.





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