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Case Studies

DOVE-i -The Revolution

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Music Gateway recently had the pleasure of working with DOVE-i on their powerful single – The Revolution. In this case study, we will look at what the collective known as DOVE-i stands for, how their recent release has proved such a success and the future plans for this innovative group.

DOVE-i – The Collective

Emerging from a passion for connecting and exchanging ideas, Dove-i is a musical collective that unites diverse talents to create unique, cinematic artistic projects with strong emotional impact.

With a passion for collaborating with numerous artists to broaden their auditory horizons, the creative forces behind DOVE-i, Thomas Verovski and Bastide Donny, each contribute their distinct styles and innovative concepts.

During this unique time of global unrest, ‘The Revolution’ serves as the unexpected soundtrack to a film no one could have foreseen. As an artistic expression of resilience, the songs tackle profound issues rooted in the reality of this new decade: personal transformation, creative introspection, rekindling love and identity during the Black Lives Matter movement, embracing diversity, and the planet we pass on to future generations. 

The DOVE-i collective brings these essential themes to life through music with a strong cinematic flair and collaboration from talents worldwide.

Discussing their musical inspirations and journey, Thomas reveals his background in jazz and classical piano, specializing at the Musician Institute in Los Angeles, where he contributed to the soundtracks of stunning documentaries for France Télévision and Arte, among others.

The Revolution

The Cover for DOVE-i The Revolution

The sound in their newest release, “The Revolution,” emerged during France’s initial lockdown, influencing the music’s overall tone. A distinct fusion of classical and urban elements results in a rich and captivating composition. Talented artist Rioux V contributes rap verses addressing the impactful events of the global BLM movement, seamlessly integrating with the track’s dramatic instrumentals. An equally powerful music video accompanies the song.

While the song’s lyrics are influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement, DOVE-i envisioned a more universal theme for the video, depicting “The Revolution” as a rebirth in a post-apocalyptic, colourless world of concrete ruins. Scattered survivors in tattered clothes gradually perish. 

Amidst this desolation, hope arises through a woman, who, through choreographed sequences, instils hope among the remaining survivors, fostering unity and harmony while igniting the spirit of rebellion and change.

Music Gateway + DOVE-i

DOVE-i The Revolution

Music Gateway has been working with the collective to carry out a comprehensive Spotify Promotion campaign, which has seen The Revolution added to 370 playlists and quickly smash the 100k stream mark – which is well on the way to being more than 200k by the summer.

So far The Revolution has proved to go from strength to strength on the indie music scene, winning a slew of accolades for the powerful message and delivery of the track.

Best Original Score – Paris Film Awards

Silver Award – Best Music Video Paris Film Awards

Silver Award – Best Music Hollywood Gold Awards

Best Music Video – Onyko Film Awards

Best Music Video – Frida Film Festival (1ère Ed.)

Best Music Video – Music and Dance Screenings (Consonance Film Festival)

The Revolution has also received attention and praise in a series of high-profile music publications including Music Crowns, Mystic Sons, Tinnitist, Vents, BuzzMusic and Flex.

  • 100,000 streams so far
  • 200,000 target by the summer
  • Song added to over 370 playlists
  • 6 music awards
  • Numerous mentions in high-profile music editorials

2023 And Beyond For DOVE-i

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DOVE-i-‘s powerful and motivational music, plus a forthcoming 2023 album, could provide the remedy the world requires. The new album demonstrates artistic resilience and tackles profound topics like personal transformation, creative inquiry, rekindled love, identity, embracing diversity, and the legacy we leave for future generations on Earth.


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