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Experimental Label Signs Member from platform and talks stepping out of the box

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Marian Lohnicky’s official career began in 2004, when he started playing music to live audience in bars, clubs, at company events or so, mainly commercial stuff, but after hundreds of gigs, this gave him a massive amount of practice and experience. Now a label owner, we decided to catch up the innovator himself where we discussed his new signing through the platform,  tips on stepping out of the box and his opinion of what he really thought of the site before joining.

#1 Tell us a bit about yourself, your company and your background.

My name is Marian Lohnicky, originally from Slovakia, currently living in the United Kingdom. I do various things such as music producing (mainly under alias Allex), sound engineering, I am an owner of Experiment Records, find more about that here and I am also a DJ.

My record label has been launched in June 2016, specialised on underground deep/tech house music. Our goal is to create the place with musical experiments, where people would find something to fill all the most unique tastes. We have good fan-base built up already and use lots of contact for the wide promotion of our music to give it that final push.

#2 How’re you enjoying the platform, what benefits have you noticed so far?

When I signed up, I didn’t know what to expect, to be honest. But after few weeks I found out that there is lots of passionate and genuine people with good experience in music industry. It’s easy to use, easy to access everything you need for a collab or pushing your music to the right hands. I browse on Мusic Gateway for new opportunities almost every day.

#3 I can see you’ve had the privilege of experimenting with different genres in the music industry. What 3 tips would you give to people to encourage them to continuously think outside the box despite the lack of support their surroundings may display to their music?

Well after 15 years of producing, you get easily bored of one genre, so it’s obvious to start experimenting with a different kind of music.

I did trance ,progressive house, drum N bass, ambient but at this moment the closest to my heart is deep and tech house. I also launching a new project where I produce orchestral and film score music.

And the tips? Well first of all:

Never give up!

There are loads of ups and downs in a music career but never let some of that disappointment discourage you. If you love music, do it for the sake that you love it.

Don’t be shy.

Some people are not sure about their skill, especially at the beginning, but definitely, I recommend to push your productions in the hands of people if you would like to achieve something. Just choose the listeners carefully. If you’ll keep trying, believe me, there will be somebody who will like your music and you never know where it can take you. But it requires patience. Big amount of patience. Keep trying.

#4 Can you tell us about your most recent project, I heard you had some success with it. Are any of the results being released anytime soon for people to check out?

Yes, we did have success. We’re always looking for new music, different, special or just groovy or with that catchy emotion. There is never enough of good music. So I did set up a project where we’ve been looking for new talents to join us, of course mainly in deep/tech house styles. I’ve been amazed by the response and quality of the music we received. As long as our criteria are strict, we’ve been able to sign only Mitch, a guy from Baltimore. Release date will be scheduled for November/December this year, so we are excited about it. We’ll do another project like this for sure again soon.

#5 What are the main advantages for you with running projects through the platform as opposed to working with existing connections?

We have loads of years of experience and know how to deal with people to get quick results. Also, I try to be in touch all the time when possible to get that “like a family feeling” conversation and also I try to answer to every single demo we get with some advice on what to improve on. And we use big promo people to get the music played.

#6 What advice would you give to other members looking to utilise the site to aid their career/ remain pro-active?

With music these days it’s not just about how it sounds. You need to be a manager of yourself, graphic designer, A&R and all other stuff to get heard. There’s too much music out there now, so it’s good to make a difference to stand out. I do recommend to be a perfectionist. Just do everything on 100%. Maybe 101%. Perfect your music in every detail. Update all data about yourself and the tracks you make. Spend some time there and here and you’ll see the results soon.

If you’d like to get involved in opportunities like the ones Marian has discussed or equally if you’d like to connect with people like Marian, sign up to Мusic Gateway today!

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