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Case Studies

Ginger & The Peppers – Out Of Phase Case Study Success 

Photograph of the blog post author, Ryan Cahalin

Ryan Cahalin


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Our breakdown of Ginger and the Peppers Campaign for their debut single ‘Out of Phase’

Ginger and the Peppers

Consisting of Julia Dillon as the frontwoman, Alê Masili and Paulo Gonzaga on guitars, Itto Menezes on bass, and J.P. Masella on drums – Ginger and the Peppers create a synergetic classic rock-inspired “vintage sound with modern compositions”.

Back in November 2022, Brazilian rock band Ginger and the Peppers released their debut single ‘Out of Phase’ via Music Gateway’s distribution services. This was closely accompanied by their official music video highlighting the band’s unmatched stage presence and charismatic energy. 

Speaking about the release, Ginger and the Peppers said: “Our initial inspiration to write ‘Out of Phase’, and all of our songs was our desire to create and express ourselves through music. From these first compositions, we started understanding how each song worked on representing something and making us individually feel certain emotions through it.” 

In collaboration with Ginger and the Peppers and their label team, we focused on promoting ‘Out of Phase’ across Spotify, YouTube & Press. 

Check out our results for the campaign below:



  • 100k+ total streams 
  • 3180% increase in Spotify Followers
  • 588,375 total playlist followers


  • 300k+ reach
  • 175% increase in YouTube subscribers
  • 47.2k total YouTube views
  • 1.3k watch hours
  • YouTube Playlisting 

Beginning as five friends who simply enjoyed writing music together, the band have discovered the power of their art and its potential to move and captivate an audience as their artistry continues to grow. The band have now also released their second single ‘Plastic Time’ continuing the band’s upwards journey to rock stardom.

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