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Indie Publisher Pop Up Music Talk A&R, Blondie & Sync

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Mary Woodcock


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Tell us a bit about yourself and pop-up music?

Son of a bluesman I grew up making tea in my dad’s/bluesman’s recording studio sitting in on sessions with bands like The Troggs – and started to learn to play the drums at 14, later at 40 gaining a BMUS degree in drumming.

Career highlights would be playing Glastonbury (not once but twice) playing on top 100 hits, writing with lyricist Pete Brown (of Cream) and co-producing with Eddie Kramer (Hendrix…)

Pop-Up Music was conceived in 2013 with the idea of curating a catalogue of lost gems and undiscovered music fit for sync. The catalogue has songs recorded from 1964 to today spanning 60’s Cambodian surf rock to contemporary future soul and most things in between.

What’s been the highlight for Pop-up so far?

Pop-Up’s has had many highlights –  a  recent example would be the satisfaction of sync for NAB in Australia earlier this year. The song was called Marked Man by Harold Morton, a guitar-maker from North Carolina who had just retired. This was incredibly satisfying sync that ticked all the boxes of syncing an artist that may never have had the opportunity and exposure.

How is the current musical climate for an independent publisher?

Amazing – you could not have done what we are doing now say 10 years ago – the climate is the perfect temperature for indies as creatives want the knowledge and personal involvement an indie music can provide. Artists can have more control and attention hence we are signing really cool artists.

What do you look for when signing a writer?

Songwriting is one number with the ability to connect emotionally with the listener (in other words do the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on listening?

You recently signed someone through your Demospace can you tell us about the artist and their appeal?

The artist was different and exciting. A band that sounded like it could have played in CBGS but had listened to a lot of Nirvana and Pixies. They are called The Rough Hearts.

How beneficial is the Demospace for you guys and is there other parts of the site?

Demospace is a great A&R resource – also the sync portal is a space for us to add songs knowing MG team will be working those tracks – for us, it’s more hands to the pump.

What advice would you give to those looking to be signed on the platform?

Sign up as MG has many opportunities for artists, be it getting signed by a company like Pop-Up Music or connecting you to another writer with whom you might end up writing a hit track.

What’s next for you guys any big signings etc?

At the moment we have a very exciting project on with Clem Burke, the drummer from Blondie – without giving too much away we are doing some drum tracks.

Over this last summer with have signed some very exciting young emerging artist and bands  Arlene Gould, Keymono, Lucy Camp and lots more – we have a new album by Pop-Up Music favourites Eddie Japan.

And of course, we are always working on syncing to the latest TV show, films, commercials and gaming-  lots of spinning plates!

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