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Inspirational Songwriter Anders Jensen Grows Clientele with Мusic Gateway

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Anders Jensen, a danish born songwriter is a writer looking to continuously break boundaries within the industry. We were pleased to catch up with him to discuss just how Мusic Gateway is helping him further his career in a competitive and busy Music Industry. We discuss the benefits of the platform, tips on writing a catchy pop song for yourself or other artists and how quickly Jensen’s’ needs were met on the site.

#1 Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

Born in Denmark, living in Munich, Germany with my family. Always listened to music more than the average consumer. I grew up in the 1980’s and thus I am a sucker for that sound. I believe it comes back to modern music again some day!

#2 How’re you enjoying the platform, what benefits have you noticed so far?

I have spent a couple of years refining my skills, taking courses and meeting the right people within the business. Мusic Gateway is by far the best place to be. Other platforms are merely other aspiring music people exploring and finding their way. Not where industry pro’s hanging out! Мusic Gateway can actually get you in touch with the right people at the time.

#3 I see you’re a songwriter, how long have you been writing songs for? In your opinion what are the 3 top tips for writing a catchy pop song for yourself or another artist?

I have been writing songs for a few years now. I write songs for other artists. In my opinion, the best way to write a catchy song is to:

       1. Focus on MELODY, and MELODY only at the start.

       2. Listen to all the modern music you possibly can and let yourself get inspired by everything you hear. (How are songs built up currently? What effects are commonly used? etc)

       3. Pay special attention to hooks. A good song must have at least one great hook.

#4 Do you feel being a songwriter in the industry is a competitive job, if so what ways can a songwriter remain proactive in the industry and stand out amongst other songwriters?

It is extremely competitive! Especially because my personal taste in music is not where my chance of a breakthrough is. I prefer singer-songwriters, classic rock bands etc. Usually, they all write their own material. In order to get a breakthrough in the modern music business, I have to write a song that can make the top 40 in either US or the UK. EVERYBODY is trying to do just that! I might be naive, but I am still convinced that somewhere on the massive market for potential top 40 hits there IS room for my personal signatures and that my writing style will someday be of great value!

#5  Do you see any advantages in running projects through the Мusic Gateway platform as opposed to working with existing connections?

It is all about the people using the platform. I don’t upload songs just to get nice feedback or hear what other people think of my songs. There are plenty of other great platforms for just that. Being on Мusic Gateway is all about meeting the right people at the right time. And the platform is good for pitching because there are a lot of industry pro’s actively using it.

#6 Can you tell  us about your most recent Мusic Gateway project, were your goals and needs met? Are the results being released soon for people to check out?

I launched my first project a while ago and the interest was HUGE! I was quite stressed there for a while. But only in the most positive sense of the word. I got to write with a handful of very gifted and passionate songwriters. Mostly lyricists. English is not my first language, so I needed someone to either write lyrics from the ground or re-write what I had already written. I got some of the best in the industry! I also needed people to give me BRUTAL and honest critique about my songs in general. It is tough to take sometimes. But I have evolved more in the past three months than I have in the previous three years!

#7 What advice would you give to songwriters looking to utilise the site to aid their career and staying pro-active on the website?

Get started right away! ANY aspiring songwriter and/or artist MUST be present here at Мusic Gateway! But only upload your best work! If possible upload a “simple/rough/stripped” version as well as a more fully produced version. If you can afford it, make it broadcast ready. Mastered and everything. Target your pitches. READ CAREFULLY what the project owners are asking for. Better send a few well-targeted songs than to simply carpet bomb with a risk of ruining your reputation! Also – and I have learned this the hard way – know your market! UK, Europe, the US and the Far East are 4 VERY different markets! Your songs may work in one or more of these markets, but hardly in all of them! Make sure it’s a perfect match!

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