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Jass Yang – Bringing The New Taiwanese Sound to London

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Here at Мusic Gateway we wanted to give a big-up to Jass Yang, who will be releasing his first solo album as an independent artist at the end of this year.

Taiwanese musician Jass Yang has already achieved more in his young life than he could have dreamed of when he was starting up as a child. Becoming the youngest licensed street performer in Taiwan, Jess attracted the attention of renowned Asian indie label, Rock Records.

Jass grew up between two worlds, one with his family’s deep ties to traditional Asian culture and religions in Taiwan; the other exploring the world of music, touring and producing with Rock Records and his band – FUN4. The years that followed included award nominations such as “The Most Popular Band” at the Singapore Hit Awards, penning hits for other Taiwanese pop artists such as Alien Huang, and countless appearances at some of the biggest venues in Asia such as Taipei Arena and New Year’s Eve Concerts.

After releasing two EPs (2009) and one album,  EXIT (2013), Jass started to reach his arms to music production and kick-started his own production company, producing films and music. He then became the youngest music producer of films in Beijing, China.

In 2016, JASS moved to London as a music producer and mixing engineer. Aiming to bring eastern traditional culture to the western electronic music scene, JASS wishes to create a brand new listening experience. He made a series of cover songs in a cultural project called “Taiwan Tempo Run” in 2016, and was soon being interviewed by BBC as the first “Oriental EDM” producer. Currently, Jass is preparing for his first release as a solo, independent musician for the end of 2017.

We got in contact with Jass and asked him to describe his experience with Мusic Gateway…

“Try not to do it alone like I used to while making music. It’s a whole new world.

Feeling alone on the way of music? You need Мusic Gateway.”

“I think the biggest benefit of Мusic Gateway is to meet like-minded people. I’m a foreigner in London and I’m from the other side of the world. It’s really difficult to find people to collaborate with while you’re in a new place alone.

At first, Мusic Gateway gave me opportunities to get in touch with people who need production skills to finish their demos or make them sound professional. Then I get to know people who are songwriters, singers, top liners or lyricists. People who like my music style and how we work together.”

When we asked him about his plans, he informed us that “We Are Formosa” would be released on 20th December as a tribute album to Oriental culture. “I’ll be holding an online streaming performance of a DJ set on a vintage red bus driving around London. While the bus would be decorated with red lanterns and the lower deck would be serving Taiwanese traditional desserts and drinks and Taiwanese Beers.”  The DJ set would also be the premiere of “We Are Formosa” and his new remix single.

We then asked him if he had any tips for young musicians who might be trying to make a start in the music industry, to which he replied, “Try not to do it alone like I used to while making music. It’s a whole new world. Feeling alone on the way of music? You need Мusic Gateway.”

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