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JogTunes Finds Podcast Music Through Мusic Gateway Platform

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We caught up with Robert Marcus a while back (we blogged about it here). After recently completing a project through the site, we were glad to catch up with him to see just how it went. Marcus also explained the increasing benefits of music discovery in the 21st century and advice on how to run a project successfully through the platform.

#1 Tell us a bit about yourself, your company and your background.

I’m a physician and jazz drummer. I founded and developed jogtunes.comafter I began to experience the motivating power of running exactly to the tempo of the music. Preferring original vocal and instrumental music over synthesized running music tracks, I determined the BPMs of the music and created playlists for my runs. This led to the development of the website, which has been offering lists of BPM-rated major label and indie music for over 11 years. My podcast and personally prepared Apple Music Playlists have been great additions to the JogTunes offerings.

#2 How’re you enjoying the platform, what benefits have you noticed so far?

I love the platform with its ability to interact so easily with the artists.

#3 I’ve seen you’ve recently completed a project on the site, are any of the results being released anytime soon for people to check out?

The results were published in my latest podcast episode called:

The JogTunes Indie Podcast #132 (37 Min – BPM 111-180) – Thank You Мusic Gateway!  It features all MG artists, check out the artists found on Мusic Gateway here. You can also check out the main website here.  I’ll continue to play MG artists but not always make a whole show solely dedicated to MG artists.

#4 Can you tell us a bit about how this went, how was the overall experience?

Excellent in all respects except that I would suggest better visual feedback when users click “Accept” on current pitches and click on “Send” when responding to messages.

#5 What are the main advantages for you with running projects through the platform as opposed to working with existing connections?

The centralized dashboard and easy interaction with artists.

#6 Do you feel musical discovery has changed for the better/worse in the 21st century?

Definitely better. It’s amazing how much great music is out there that we never were able to access back in the last century.

#7 What advice would you give to other members looking to utilise the site to aid their career and stay proactive on the site?

For artists looking to pitch their music, I advise reading the project carefully and complying with the request. My project requests music in the BPM range of 145-180 but some artists are still sending slower tunes. It’s all great music so it’s fun to hear it, I just can’t play it on my niche, run-to-the-beat show.

If you’d like help in regards to developing your career or equally if you’d like to connect with people like Robert from, sign up to Мusic Gateway today!

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