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Kjetil Landsgård: Songwriter, Topliner, Guitarist And More!

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We have been working with the incredible Kjetil Landsgård – a songwriter, lyricist, vocalist, topliner and guitarist.

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Who Is Kjetil?

Kjetil is a multi talented artist from Dawson Creek, Canada! He excels in various areas including toplining, music production and more – and we are thrilled to have him onboard.

With his raspy, gritty 70’s rock inspired vocals similar to David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, Kjetil creates memorable hooks and melodies instinctively. Also equipped with an innate ability to craft dark, personal lyrics, he is capable of writing about any topic proposed (with his unique take interweaved). A wearer of many hats, he is also a talented producer who creates unique programmed sounds from his home studio.

Kjetil’s Creative Process

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In regards to his creative process, Kjetil says that “When I first started writing, I would write down a phrase that everything would flow from.   This would give me a warm feeling and make me feel human. It’s my own kind of rebellion.” Inspiration is a key motivator for him, as he runs a home recording studio. Furthermore, he says this is “where my kids and wife can interact with me, and I can grab the moments when inspiration strikes.” Elaborating further, Kjetil claims that “the studio is like a sanctuary, all my books are there… it’s my personal library of everything that I need to digest that which becomes lyrics.”

Collaborative Aims

As a keen collaborator, Kjetil is looking to connect with other creatives to experiment. He is looking to work cross an array of styles, from Chill to Heavy Rock. With his aptitude and experience toplining, he is looking to find like-minded producers and writers to combine his vision with, and create alongside. In his own words, Kjetil says that “I really want to connect with collaborators that want to go out on a limb a little, but write great original songs.”

Sound interesting? To collaborate with Kjetil, or find out more, check out his collaboration project below. 

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