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What You Get When You Combine: A Songwriter & Energy Healing Mentor

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What You Get When You Combine A Songwriter & An Energy Healing Mentor

Following Mental Health Awareness week, we wanted to discover more about the healing properties music can have on individuals suffering from mental illnesses. Leigh Beeby is a professional singer-songwriter and transformational energy healing coach. In this article, Leigh takes us through her music therapy self-help technique, music soul journaling…

Music Therapy

Combining her skills as a professional musician with her knowledge of energy healing, Leigh’s technique could prove to be an effective alternative to the typical methods of emotional therapy. Most notably, the objectives of Leigh’s ‘music soul journaling’ align with those of treatments like cognitive emotional behavioral therapy. In short, this aims to help individuals evaluate the basis(es) of their emotional distress.

Below, Leigh discusses how Music Soul Journaling came to be, and the effectiveness of music therapy in improving the quality of life of those suffering from mental health issues. Leigh then takes us through her energy healing process and elaborates on how her technique helps individuals release suppressed emotional tensions. Finally, she highlights various testimonials of individuals who have trialled music soul journaling…

Leigh Beeby – About

Last month I launched a unique transformational music therapy self help technique. This technique is yet to be offered anywhere else in the world. This was achieved by intuitively channelling music lyrics that tap into the subconscious mind. It is a simple yet effective self-help technique to help release stress, forms of anxiety and depression. This negative energy can put the mind, body, and soul out of alignment. Consequentially, this often creates unhealthy relationships in your life with yourself or with others.

I have combined a number of original songs, and a unique blend of therapies that enables my clients to release stress, anxiety, depression, fears, overwhelm or low self-esteem. This is with the objective of healing individuals relationships with themselves and others. Simply, effectively and affordably. I want others to embrace their futures with courage, self-worth and freedom, and start living life by the law of attraction.


Leigh Beeby Music Soul Journaling Article

Two passions one purpose

Last month I launched a unique transformational music therapy self-help technique called Music Soul Journaling. This was achieved by intuitively channelling music lyrics to create original songs that tap into the subconscious mind. It is a simple yet effective self-help technique designed to help let go of stress, forms of anxiety and depression. This technique is downloadable anywhere in the world, and takes only 20-30 minutes in a comfortable space. Simply follow the simple step by step guide!

Why Music Soul Journaling was created

There were a series of circumstances that motivated me to create music soul journaling. This includes suffering from depression for 8 years, post several rounds of IVF treatments, the birth of my daughter in 2010, and struggling with my own relationships within that time. I wanted to make an impact in the world helping to heal people suffering in silence. For those that felt too ashamed or embarrassed to seek professional help, or even speak with friends and family.

I know only too well how it feels. Half the time consciously you don’t even know why you feel the way you do. I wanted to look for alternatives to counselling or taking antidepressants to be able to self-heal through music. On my own unique journey, I discovered the combination of songs, writing & energy healing was my cure.

My Background

By combining my musical talent, original songs and my experiences as a Transformational Energy Healing Coach, music soul journaling was created and launched in April 2019. This is the first type of self-help music based therapy of its kind worldwide.

I use music lyrics to subconsciously tap into thoughts, beliefs and feelings before providing a unique blend of therapies called heart to journaling tapping, which is a form of Emotional Freedom technique (EFT-Tapping) and Heart to Heart therapy from Matrix to release any suppressed or not yet dealt with energy that can manifest itself into feelings of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and depression.

The process lasts for 20-30 minutes and can be utilised anywhere and as often as needed. I can confidently say that I no longer suffer depression after using this technique. After 8 years, this has been truly is life changing.

What do others have to say about Music Soul Journaling?

Music Soul Journaling Get in touch


Prior to launching in April 2019, Music Soul Journaling was trialled by 100 people both men and women from 13yrs to 65yrs. I had volunteers from UK, Canada, USA and Australia and all the results were completely different and amazing; here are a few testimonials:


“My teenage daughter has had anxiety from a young age and it was starting to get worse with her graduation and exams getting closer but we could never pinpoint why. We were sceptical that this therapy would work but now a true believer.

This technique highlighted that she was carrying ‘fear of the future’ from a minor car crash when she was 7yrs. She is now feeling a lot calmer about things going on in her life daily. Thank you!” – Liz Barton – UNITED KINGDOM


“After repeating the same toxic relationship patterns for the past few years, I was left feeling quite depressed. Music Soul Journaling enabled me to see I was suffering low-self-esteem and low self-worth since my parents divorced at the age of 5yrs old. I feel invigorated and confident I will meet the right girl now.” – James Doughety – UNITED STATES


“This helped me to see how far I have come since my husband’s suicide many years ago, where I was left alone with our 9-month baby. I still had lots of fear and sadness suppressed and after following all the steps I now finally feel free, lighter, joyful, and excitement about the future.” – Stephanie Jones – UNITED STATES


“I have been carrying the feelings of powerlessness and overwhelm from a situation that happened over 10yrs ago. Where the ex that I lived with at the time, told me he was leaving me for someone else. I had no idea I was still worrying constantly that the same thing would happen in every relationship since. I now have a renewed sense of strength, confidence and trust thanks to Music Soul Journaling.” – Sarah Donnington – CANADA


“I’ve suffered with overwhelm and anxiety for about 15 years, especially in my job. I was at the end of my tether with managing it, but didn’t want to be on medication. I never thought something this simple and affordable would help me but it did. I cannot thank you enough.” – Phillip Davies – AUSTRALIA


“My sister has suffered from depression in the past and still has lots of low mood fluctuations. Music Soul Journaling has helped me to understand her and myself much better. It has helped to strengthen our relationship as I had held onto negative feelings towards her for many years unconsciously.” –  Chris Stirling- UNITED KINGDOM

About Me

Leigh Beeby

I am Leigh Beeby, I am the creator of music soul journaling, a professional singer songwriter and a qualified Transformational Energy Healing Coach. I specialise in helping people let go of stress, anxiety and depression to heal their relationships with themselves and others. My areas of expertise include the following.

– Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

– Matrix Reimprinting

– Energy Alignment Method (EAM)

– Heart to Heart therapy

– Colour Mirrors.

I currently live in the UK, however, my clients are all over the world. Focused mainly in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, my private 1:1 VIP sessions are done over zoom for business. This ensures there are minimal restrictions with regards to helping individuals that reach out for my help.

If you are still reading

Still reading? Then the chances are Music Soul Journaling resonates with you. Or perhaps someone you know whose life could be transformed by this technique. If, you are a songwriter or musician that would like to collaborate on future Music Soul Journaling project releases please feel free to get in touch. The first 30 days are completely risk free, with a money back guarantee!

Thanks for reading!

Try Music Soul Journaling for yourself! Enjoy this article? Read on to find about how Music Gateway artist Joshua Lloyd harnessed the power of music to combat his struggles with mental health…

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