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Marie Chain Connects with World-Renowned Producer Through Мusic Gateway

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Marie Chain is no stranger to the world of travel. After school, she journeyed around Europe and North Africa before settling in Spain for three years performing and doing street music. It was then that Marie decided she was going to become a musician full time and moved to Berlin, “for me, it’s always been the gate to the world, it’s so creative, colour and powerful, full of artists and inspiration”.

During her time in Germany, Marie fell into the house music scene and released a few singles through collaborations with DJs that found her in the Deep House Charts and “the last song Loverboy, actually got released on Warner Music”.

“In parallel to the house music, I was performing all over Europe with my Soul Band.  Always on the road, I quickly spent most of my time writing songs and telling the stories about life and love. I want to make people think and be captivated, enchant them with the music as well as bring people a good time in the live shows.”

You may be forgiven for thinking that a two-genre pathway and a host of opportunity and touring is where it ends with Marie Chain. It would also be safe to assume that someone who does so much traveling, doesn’t need any help meeting people from all over the world. You’d be wrong on both accounts.

Marie set out to work on her latest Soul/Funk/Blues EP and had plans to do it in London. “England and especially London has always been a special place for me full of amazing soul music, just the right place to produce my debut Soul/Funk/Blues EP.  Мusic Gateway is such a great platform for connecting easily with professionals all around the world and through it I would have never have met Charles who produced my five-song EP.  He recorded exactly the way I imagined and I was very satisfied.”

It turns out, that although Charles was Marie’s final choice for the EP, despite his accolade of working with  high profile artists like Ray Charles, Prince, James Brown and The Rolling Stones, “it was difficult to decide on just one producer, because they were all professional, had great tracks on their pages and so many producers contacted me during the process”.

“Мusic Gateway featured the project, which made it so visible to all the guys in their community. They virtually opened the gate to this professional scene where I felt really well supported in the jungle of the music business from the idea to the final product by everyone who wanted to get involved.”

When talking about what’s next Marie mentioned, “right now I’m looking for a label cause I´m not signed yet. I financed my most recent project all by myself without any label to keep my musical freedom. My goal is to release the EP in the beginning of September.”


Through all the musical adventures, Marie Chain stays strong with simple but wonderful messages of staying true to yourself. “Never lose the connection to your own soul, that’s where our passion and energy for life comes from. No matter how professional you are, know who you are and why you are here. It’s not about being the best and singing the highest note, it’s about being connected, about honesty, naturalness and passion.

“Stay true to yourself, it will pay off. It’s important to fall down as it all plays a part in being able to grow. Travelling is very inspiring too, studying all the time and being open to new inspirations and ideas helps keep you moving. I walk my own way and don’t listen too much to what people say or expect. I have my goal and mission, which gives me strength and a sense of life but really it’s the path that is the goal.”


If you’re looking to produce EPs for artists like Marie Chain or you’re looking for a producer for your next project, start your free trial with us and post a project, who knows who you’ll meet during your adventure?

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