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Music Gateway catches up with Motivational Rockstar Fiz

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At Music Gateway, we love shining light on people who are doing their part in making the industry a great place. We recently caught up with singer/songwriter “Fiz” who does his part uniquely through the approach of a Motivational Rock-Star. We first met Fiz at a music networking event in LA, California and we were hooked on his story. See how these inspirational  artist has some motivational tips of his own for our MG members.

#1 Tell us a bit about yourself, your company and your background…

Yes thank you for asking. My name is fiZ ( I am a Singer/Songwriter that plays the guitar, piano and a few other instruments. I have a few different companies which all fly under the fiZ ENTERPRISES flag. I am also the Author of a book called “Ignite the Rock-Star Within” which is designed to help people get clear on their life purpose. I often say, your “Soul Purpose.”

Besides writing songs for myself, other artists and companies (see; I perform with my band as well as a solo artist.I also perform for charities, but that’s quite a lot to say when someone asks what I do, so I just say I am a Motivational Rock-Star.

I don’t mean that in an ego way, I always say, “Rock “N Roll is my Religion and you are all Rock-Stars!”

#2 What is your overall aim/vision and why is it important? 

To spread peace, love and music. I do that in quite a lot of different ways. When I was a boy I used to have visions of being a performer and using the healing power of music to help the world.

The visions were so powerful that I actually manifested that happening in my life. I started performing for people in need as well as for disabled children. I did that for many years and then the news found out about my performances for the children and they did a segment on News 12, LI.

My top goal has always been to be a Rock-Star like The Beatles, but everyone knows the Music Industry can be a difficult, especially if you don’t fit into what the labels want you to be, so I created my own industry so to speak.

I observed quite a few years ago that the Marketers and Professional Speakers were sort of like the new rising Rock-Stars. And so I was thinking to myself, “How can I bring the power of music into their world and make their events even better?” So I have been doing Keynote Speaking/Performances. I have also been the music director for some corporate and entrepreneurial events. I studied a lot of these Marketers and one of them said “you need your signature brand”, and then a light bulb went off in my head and I thought, “Wow, they need their own signature song!”

 #3 As a “Motivational Rockstar” you must come across a lot of different issues/people. Is there anyone’s story that stands out to you the most and a way you feel your presence in that moment helped them?

That is a really tough question. There have been so many different deep emotional connections that I have made, especially when I am performing for children with disabilities, because they are able to receive the music on very deep levels. But if I had to choose one person’s story it would be a girl named Celeste who passed away from cancer at the age of 15.

I met her mother at an event and she was telling me about her daughter and that she had wanted to be an actress, so I wrote a song for her to help assist her on her journey. It’s called “Angel on a Stage”.

#4 What have been the main highlights throughout your career in music?

I would say performing for the physically challenged children and seeing the smiles on their faces as the music elevates them.

#5 What advice would you give to other artists/musicians looking to utilize their music career without losing the same passion/focus you’ve developed over the years?

Think out of the box. Be as creative with your business as you are with your music. I also encourage people to help others with your music if you can. Don’t do it if you are expecting something in return. Do it because it’s the right thing to do, and God (The Universe) will bless you.

#6 What advice would you give to artists/musicians in order to stay proactive in the music industry and what are your plans for the future, any projects being released soon for people to check out?

I guess I answered part of this question already in question five. I have just finished writing a Musical/Movie called “fiZ & The Ultimate Dream.” Think “Tommy” meets “The Wizard of Oz”. It’s a time travel love story for the ages! I am looking for investors to bring this movie to the world. And of course I’m presently writing signature songs for my clients who include professional speakers, authors, healers, life coaches and many other types of entrepreneurs. Final advice I would like to share is to be true to who you are. Follow your heart. Follow the music and remember, you can do “Anything!”


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